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TRT Help Desperately Needed!


Hi guys,

      been reading on here for a good while now and now I need your help if possible. I'll keep this as brief as possible but I've been on TRT for about 18 months now but struggling still to be honest. Unfortunately I haven't got a full panel blood test for you to view, though two weeks ago I had bloods taken for my free Test level and my oestradiol level, which came back as the following..

Serum Test 35.6 nmol/L range(10.0 - 38.0)

Serum oestradiol 312 pmol/L range <170

The gp here in the UK hasn't left a message to see me, though as you can see my e2 level is high...

Although I feel good, energy is high, libido is good, my erections are poor, rely on ED meds for sexual activity and to be honest I have done for many years even prior to going on to TRT...

I can't get to see my gp for a few weeks now, difficult getting appointments over here and to be honest my gp isn't clued up at all regarding TRT, it was a struggle just to get my e2 levels tested...

So, I know you haven't much to go on guys, but at a glance would you try to bring down e2 or lower the Test(Tostran gel)dosage, which is already quite low..

Previous TRT test levels came back at 20, then 28, now 38.6 nmol/L and I haven't upped the dose of the gel over the 18month period..

Thanks in advance for any advice here...I know it's very brief..


Transdermal T has the highest T–>E2 conversion potential, some are affected strongly. You would be better off with self-injecting twice a week. See the protocol for injections sticky and you need to probably read the advice for new guys sticky to understand the technical bits better. There are 7 stickies in this forum - and they are not tagged with icons.

Your E2 could be elevated if your liver is not right. We need AST/ALT [name may vary there] to see if things look OK. We aim for E2=22pg/ml as an optimal target, that would be 80 pmol/L.

You will have to talk you doc into taking 1mg/week anastrozole in divided doses to control your E2. So for that plus self injections.

Your E2 is enough to make any guys depressed and perhaps your ED meds are contributing to your livers poor clearance of E2.