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I have been on TRT 250 mg every 2 weeks for the past 4 yrs (47 yrs old) and have 2 questions about HcG (Pregnyl).

1) is it necessary for me to take HcG with AI/serm - is 500 iu EOD something to worry about (gyno etc), since I am using a low dose of test anyways?

2) is mixing the HcG into a 10 ml vial of bacteria-static water and dosing one ml at a time to get 500 iu really just the same thing as mixing it with the 1ml that it comes with and taking 1/10th of that to get the same 500 iu yield?

(my thinking is that I read this idea a lot of mixing the powder into 10ml water, but in the end, I would think that no matter how much b .water, the yelid will still total 5000 IU.)

Many tks.


500iu of HCG EOD is to much. 500iu a week in split doses is plenty. Although I use the full amount of water to mix I don't see any harm with using less. I run several different peps and use little water for mixing those.


hCG is typically mixed to 1000iu/ml
Many will mix to 2000iu/ml for smaller injection volumes
[Many use 10,000iu hCG kits]

Read the protocol for injections sticky, you are not getting things done right.
Post your lab work, with ranges.


Ah, tks for that sticky!!

My whole barrier is not having access to AIs/Serms b/c I can't find a Dr. who will even consider giving me shots, even though my TT is at 300 because I am (sadly) a Canadian. The level of paternalism here is as stifling on healthcare here as it likely was in the USSR. (this is why I was asking if I could get away without an ai/serm and say maybe take 6-oxo instead)

Ksman, no Dr. I have seen yet has 1/100th of the knowledge you do on this whole topic. seriously.


They exist. Where in Ontario are you. We do have obstacles, such as inabilty to order our own tests, incorrect/inaccurate E2 tests when they ARE ordered by a doctor - but you can certainly get treated.


I am in Guelph. I thought about this too - running my own tests to get as comprehensive a read as possible. I don't know if there are even private labs here in Ontario where I can do this.


Hi Guys,

I am in Ontario and am being treated by a well known Physician and Low T is his expertise. I am currently on Test Shots and HCG, just recently started, and he may be adding an AI soon. He does all the Bloodwork and follow-ups, E2, SHBG, Bio T, LH, FSH, etc. Most of these hormonal testing are not covered by OHIP but if you have insurance it will be covered. He also believes in increasing hormones to youthful levels but will not go over the range. Please message me if you want his contact info.

Oh, also if you can afford it he does test IGF-1 levels and will prescribe HGH, but am not sure how much that would be in Ontario, and most insurances will not cover HGH unless you have some rare medical condition that requires it and then all the paperwork and testing that will go along with getting approved.