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TRT, HCG, Getting Pregnant. Advice?

Hey guys,

First off I need to preface this by mentioning I’m from Australia… My doctor is the leading men’s health expert in the country but judging by what I’ve read here, I’m sure people will critic his treatment for me.

Ok so I’ve been on TRT for 2 years now. After a dialing in period we have settled on 250mg test every 10 days, 0.5mg Adex twice weekly. I did enquire about HCG but my doctor suggested it was a waste until I decided I wanted kids.

Fast forward to now. My partner and I have decided to try for a baby. I got a semen analysis and as expected, it’s not great, definitely “subfertile”. So doctor has told me to stop taking my usual TRT protocol and prescribed me 1500iu HCG 3 times weekly until my partner conceived, then jump straight back to TRT.

I did enquire again about keeping the TRT but once again, doc suggested it was a waste. I have my concerns about coming off TRT completely, it’s made such a drastic improvement to my life, I’d hate to see that diminished.

Anyone have any advice on how to go about it? If I absolutely MUST come off TRT to make the pregnancy happen then I’ll just deal with it. 1500iu seems like a fairly high dose, what’s my chances of restoring my fertility in a timely manner on that dosage without coming off TRT?

Thanks in advance!

I think the doc is thinking if he stimulates your testes to jumpstart them AND has you on exogenous T perhaps your T will be too high. Otherwise I dont see why he wouldnt just introduce HCG into your current protocol for a few months.

Anecdotal, I know, but guys have conceived with 250-350IU hCG three times a week, while on TRT.

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Hes normally quite lenient when it comes to “high” so I’m not sure if this is the case. He’s been quite open about wanting me to be on the very high end of “normal” because I lost so many of my prime years feeling like dirt. It may be a case of trying to be economical, the meds are very expensive here in Aus if not on the PBS.

In any event, after some research I think I will stay on TRT for awhile and introduce HCG on top. If nothing happens after a couple of months I’ll get another semen analysis and make a decision from there. Last thing I want is to be depressed and miserable during what should be an exciting time.

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I would pose the question that the TRT enables you to be responsive to your partner and without it, a ballsack full of sperm isnt going to be worth anything! How does he propose that you “deliver” your much needed seed?

My condition does have some ED related symptoms, however the TRT has had minimal/no effect in this regard. My doctor is aware of this which is probably why it didn’t come up. Having said that, TRT has increased my libido substantially, which is a factor.

The major concern with dropping the TRT protocol is my mood turning sour, loss of energy and general sense of well-being.

None of these are conducive to having frequent sex when trying to get pregnant.

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They are however the RESULTS of having frequent sex when trying to get pregnant. :smiley: Although I was low T when making all 3 of my kids so maybe it would be diff today. At least once, sometimes twice a day became a chore after a few weeks.

Injecting FSH is the sure way to increase sperm production in men on TRT and is much more effective than HCG, but it’s expensive and is why most sick care doctors never mention it, however compounding pharmacies are less expensive. A couple hundred at least, more in AUS I would imagine.

I don’t know if it’s even available in AUS.