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TRT, HCG and IA...? LOST!!

I contacted a website about weight loss, using HCG and being on test. I am not wanting to be a body builder. Just wanna keep my testicles the same size, lose like 70 lbs and get my test levels higher. Does this protocol look good or bad?

10 Week Testosterone Program Protocol
.Testosterone Cypionate (1) 200mg/ml vial (10 ml vial)
Protocol: One injection of 200mg / 1ml weekly IM (Intramuscular)
.Anastrazole (20) 0.05MG capsules
Protocol: Take 1 capsule By Mouth Twice Weekly Day 1 and Day 2 After Testosterone injection
.HCG (1) 11,000 unit vial
Protocol: One injection of 500 units (25 U on Insulin Syringe) Twice Weekly Sub Q
.MIC Complex 0.5 cc - (1) 30 ml vial
Protocol: One Injection of 0.5 ml Twice Weekly Sub Q

Post Treatment Starts 2 weeks after your last testosterone injection

.HCG (1) 11,000 unit vial
Protocol: One injection of 1,000 units(50 U on Insulin Syringe) Sub Q Daily for 10 days
.Clomiphene Citrate (30) 51mg capsules
Protocol: One capsule by mouth Twice Daily for 15 days

The first stage is meant to make you feel better.

0.05 mg anastrozole: you mean 0.5?

T dose is too high, see the protocol for injections sticky.

We need more info about you, read the advice for new guys sticky and come back with the requested info.
Be open minded to the iodine, thyroid, cortisol and adrenal issues.

Stage 2 is an attempt at an HPTA restart [HPTA? see the advice for new guys sticky]

hCG dose is way to high and risks desensitizing the LH receptors in the testes, which creates risk for a failed recovery.

Clomid is a SERM. So is nolvadex. I prefer nolvadex because it does not have the severe estrogenic side effects that a few guys get.

SERMs will increase LH and FSH. If LH is too high, same problem as too much hCG, see above.

You never want to take hCG+SERM at the same time, more LH receptor overload/

hCG and SERMs increase E2. SERMs hide the effects of estrogens from the HPTA. If you stop the SERM suddenly, the HPTA will see the elevated E2 levels and this ‘estrogen rebound’ will limit or stop your HPTA recovery process. So one always need to taper off of a SERM slowly, never dead stop.

You need to take anastrozole during the restart attempt and land on 0.5 mg/week at the end of the restart and cruise on that.

If you are going to have a restart that works, your testes will be running on the LH levels that you make your self. So you do not want the testes conditioned to work on high hCG or high LH from a SERM.

I do not see the value of a two week hole between stages 1 and stage 2.

Read these stickies:

  • advice for new guys - provide requested info.
  • protocol for injections

weight loss: A primary cause or barrier can be thyroid problems. You need to be looking at more than T issues, those can be a symptom, not a root cause of your problems.