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TRT & Hair Loss

I was on TRT for 4 months per my doctor’s advise, am 48, and didn’t notice much benefit.

I was on 1cc per week of Depo. All my lab work looked good, only my T was around 210. I’ve always had soft features, and never able to grow a full beard, so I’ll bet my T’s been low my whole life.

About 3 weeks ago, I noticed some thinning areas in my hair line, so I discontinued use at that time.

I got in touch with my doctor, who gave me Progesterone cream to stop the problem, and then told me to increase my dosage. I didn’t argue with her, and took the Progesterone cream. But there’s no f’in way I’m going back on T right now, much less increasing the dose.

Overall, I’ve been very healthy, only sometimes was feeling a bit too wornout in the mornings. I have and active life, and am not particularly interested in losing my hair to feel ‘a little bit better’.

I have my father’s hairline, color, and texture, he’s 80 and still has a full head of hair.

Will the hair loss stop now that I’ve discontinued?

Any advice on attempting regrowth?

Hairloss should stop and you will probably get regrowth. But it typically takes about 3 months for new hairs to start to come out, so you have to be patient.

If I were you I would use minoxidil (Rogaine) for a few months. It should stimulate regrowth. But don’t put it on over the progesterone cream since the cream will block absorption of the Rogaine.

Some people just can’t grow a beard, no big deal. My question is if you felt fine to start with and then said not much improvement, then why start TRT at all. Hopefully you will keep your hair because obviously it is important to you, but because your dad has his dose not mean you will. Personally I would give up every hair to feel better, but you should be fine once your body flushes everything out and you get back to normal.

Seakonk & Ironman, thanks for both your replies.

Ironman, I originally went to the doc because I wanted to do chelation, as I have an industrial background and a family with a cardiac history. I was tested for heavy metals exposure, and had toxic levels of a variety of metals in my system, and my lead levels essentially indicate that I’ve been walking around with lead poisoning for many years.

As part of a full intake history, the doctor covered everything in my past, we spent about an hour and a half together. She ordered full blood profiles, and tested thyroid levels and testosterone levels and some nutritional levels. The blood & thyroid all looked good, nutritional levels needed some supplements, my testosterone levels were around 210. In addition to the chelation, she wanted me on TRT, saying it would help my ‘run down / beat-up’ feeling in the morning.

She really sang the praises of TRT, and I hadn’t done much research on it, but I really liked the doc, so I was willing to trust her.

The chelation has done wonders - I feel better, and my blood pressure has dropped about 25 points. I didn’t have high blood pressure, but it had crept-up over the years, now it’s back down to my high school years.

Having heard about chelation many years ago, and knowing my background, I thought it would be a good thing, and it has been.

I’m happy with my health and body overall, but wanted to do what I could to clean-up my body inside.

The TRT hasn’t been the miracle it was sold as, and I don’t want to be married to a drug if I can help it - much less lose my f’in hair. I’m not Brad Pitt, but I like what I’ve got. I am now going to pursue a natural method of raising my T Levels.

I did notice better muscle tone on TRT. I’m generally pretty strong, but slim - so building a little muscle mass was nice. I even caught my wife ‘checking me out’ a couple of times, which was a nice feeling since I like her.

I’m having a little trouble with getting/maintaining full erections these days, which the TRT did not help at all. But from just beginning to read this site the past couple of days, there’s a lot more involved with erectile dysfunction than just testosterone levels. So I’m starting to read more about it here.

I appreciate your input, and if you guys have any other advice, I am totally open to hearing it. And if you have links to helpful threads on this site for my issues, please let me know.

Thanks again, this is a great website.

Did your hair regrow OP? Same situation except I have been on it for 4 years and started to get hair growth on body very accelerated in the past 4 months. Also ust recently noticed thinning spot on hair. I stopped trt this past week. My DHT levels were high and so was free test.