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TRT Hair Loss/Light Therapy Helmet


So after about a month of TRT I noticed my hair falling out rapidly. Mostly on my crown. Prior to this I never had any type of hair loss and I have very thick hair. My grandfather on my mother side was mostly bald when he died.

I know that there will be some hairloss because of increased DHT.

I did a little research and found Low level light therapy as a treatment for hair loss.

I currently use nizoral 3 times a week and it has helped some. Im wondering if this LLLT treatment is viable for someone on TRT. It seems to have decent reviews, and some reviews on amazon state their hair is regrowing. There is a 6 month guarantee on the thing, which is fairly expensive (5-600).

I know the end result may be a shaved head, and that’s OK with me, however, this treatment is looking viable possibly. I guess I would need to know if it would still work even if you have elevated DHT levels. I also know there are about 1000 other things that can cause hair loss.

Anyone have any experience. The new irestore helmet seems to be fairly new.


I think some hair loss when starting TRT is pretty normal, but it should taper off or stop after a while. At least this is what happened to me.


Increased DHT will only lead to hair loss if you were going to lose it anyway. It’s been known to speed up the process. At any rate, you are going to lose it anyway so I would come to terms with that. My father has a full head of hair as do most of my relatives but my brother lost his young for some reason and mine is starting to recede. I guess its time to come to terms with it.


LLLT sets off my scam alarms. Go for a walk in the sunshine and enjoy.


I have pretty much decided that I am fine with it. I spent my whole life buzzed or with a very short military style haircut. So for the first time in my life I decided to grow it out and style it. It looks great, and goes along with how im feeling on the TRT. But just as I figured out that I look great WITH hair, im losing it. HAHAHA!!! Oh well.

The LLLT did set off some scam alarms also. The device has a 6 month money back guarantee, and I guess maybe this could be some good info for someone that cant let go of their locks.