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TRT: Hair Loss and Shedding

I have been on TRT for 5 months. I have loved all the benefits.

I have very thick hair and there is no baldness is my family (I am 40yrs). While my hair doesnt look to be thinning… I am shedding like a golden retriever … is baldness on the horizon… or is shedding just normal. Note: I am not cool going bald… as some people have stated on other boards.

I have long hair. Like pony tail long. I have had long hair most of my life. Also been low T most of my life and have been on TRT for like 3 months. I like ny hair but i would shave it down to the scalp if that was a requirment of not going back to feeling like shit for a living.

I’m on the same page as @bonatom I’m 30 I have long hair as well mine is in a ponytail also. And I agree I’m definitely not cool with going bald. I love my hair it’s one of my best features. The question is is it mostly likely we will start losing hair due to TRT