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TRT- Hair Growth...Why now?


Hey Guys,

What can be causing my Hair to grow in areas never before while on TRT? I am on 150mg of Test Cyp per week. I use to be on 200mg EOW( every other week ). However, was on 150mg prior to the last 3 months, only thing changed is brand of T- from a pharmacy- not a clinic( not that there is anything wrong with that ). Brief history or some q's below!

Been on TRT for 4 years! I will make the history brief....I started TRT at 26( 4 years ago ), I had tons of Trauma to my body lol. Ranging from concussions( 4 documented ), to surgery, to 11 fractures in the body. I always Had my thyroid checked throughout my life, and it was and still is always fine.

TRT HIstory-- Brief

As said 4 years on it. It started once a month at 200mg....then I went to a uro...200mg EOW( every other week ). Then went to another doc- as with the Uro had to go in the office, and sometimes would have to wait 45 mins to an hour!!! So this doc put me on 100mg a week- splitting the 200. Now at 150mg a week currently. Yes it's test cyp. However...I was taking the Brand Watson my entire TRT...until 3 months ago, I got West Ward, not Watson.

I started to notice after 4 weeks of West Ward test, I was growing hair in different places. On the shoulders, triceps, upper chest, etc...where I never had before. Also, I am getting acne where I never would before( on the elbow ). My main concern is the abnormal hair growth....I phoned the pharmacist when this first happened- as My doc is partnered with this pharmacy and it's nurses- unless you do office visits for every inj. I informed if I could get Watson brand back, he said it was an insurance issue( it turned out, they cannot get the stock. I don't get why my hair growth all of a sudden started? After 4 years...I cannot tell if it's the dose, or could it be the brand? It's just been the past 3 months. I mean I was at 150mg on Watson and never seen it. Now the 150mg, not been a full year yet( see the beginning ) at that dose. What gives?

Things of Note: No HCG, No Adex- While on this West Ward, I was able to cut easy, I started noticing little things like that, where my body would retain/maintain normally. Also, strength went down....but my sexual peformance went up. Main thing hair growth? Weird.



Thanks for putting this in proper category.


You could and should ask your doctor for a blood test to see if anything has changed. This would certainly be justified given your change in symptoms.


Hey thanks for the reply. Yeah I am probably going to ask for another test. I barely want to inject again, but to see what it is...you kinda have to. I suppose my levels are high. I say this bc my last test was. Only test out of probably 30 I have taken. I was over 1500. I am just nervous it is DHT being high as well. If it is DHT related, and assuming it's high w test- just assumptions. Will this reverse? If I stop T...will that make matters worse? For me though, I use to take a 200mg shot- albeit EOW.

My body should be able to handle 150mg- and it was- the pharm change brands, and boom...hair. Again been on TRT for 4 years, just pondered why now? Usually effects happen within the first few months or year....I do not take HCG or any anti-E's. My estrogen has usually been high( being 40+ ) but not all the time, no higher than 100, but usually between 50-90.

It also correlates with higher the test, so if I am 898( on the upper percentile of scale ) my E2 would be higher. However, what is weird, on 200mg EOW my E2 never ever came close to 90 at peak after 200mg. I will keep updated, also any replies appreciate it. Also to add my IGF was normal. PSA, RBCs, Hemoglobin, all ok.


Your T levels are higher than every before in your life and you are undergoing a new level of virilization.

This is not unusual.


Thanks for the response. However, is it strange to happen after 4 years? I was on 200mg EOW for 3 years, then 150mg a week for 9 months- no problems. The last 3 months, hair. Coincidence, 3 months ago I started a new Brand of test. The pharm ran out of Watson, so another brand, West Ward.The only thing changed besides brand, was the shot location. From Glute to quad.

Also, if I were to lower the test, and shave, would that hair go away, or am I stuck with it. Really don't want back hair, or shoulder hair.




So I seen an Endo today: Not good, not bad. I left feeling unanswered at a few things. So I was gaining hair on my body, and noticed on my scalp a little thinning in a spot. I seen on a previous lab- at troph- My test was 818, but my free was 548. Looking at that, and the sides....I started thinking DHT. So, I was on 150mg per week, and I put myself down to 120mg per week. The endo confirmed it was probably DHT- indicating the free test being high....I agree. I was prepared to bring myself down to 100mg a week, or 200mg EOW. As scripted, the endo said the same thing. However, were I lost a little for the endo was when he said he wanted my Test Total to be at 300-500??? Wtf? I mean I know 818 at troph is high, but wtf...300-500 as a goal? Secondly, he probably iterpreted my Test of 818 as peak and not troph. However, knowing that the cause is prob DHT, I asked if he could put me on Proscar or a DHT blocker. He said no. He rather just lower the test...I agree with lowering it....but why not treat the main problem? DHT.

So at 120mg at troph, I got my levels back. I checked DHT. So understand these results are 8 days out of a 120mg injection.

My Test Total:

Free test:
Scale: 47-244

Scale: 11-80
Scale: 106-719

Now I also did Peak for a 135mg shot( the above is troph for 120mg ). I yet to have those results until Thursday or Friday! I assume, it will be high.

However, I left confused a little. If the problem is probably DHT, why not treat it with fina/proscar? ...While lowering the test a bit?

Also my E2 is mainly always high on half my blood work.


DHT is critical for virilization, libido and maintenance of male sex organs.

5-alpha reductase inhibitors can be harmful to some, be careful what you wish for.

You should self inject twice a week to get smoother levels.

Please read these stickies:
- advice for new guys
- protocol for injections


Tanks for the reply. Would reducing dosage to just 100mg test cyp a week, reduce sides...or should I say, regrow air where it thinned, and stop any more body hair. Note I am not on HCG or an A.I.


How you respond to a reduced dose will be highly individualistic and not predictable.

hCG/AI are probably not factors, but might have quality of life benefits.


Thanks for the reply. Yeah my estrogen has been anywhere between 40-93. So I am sure estrogen explains some fat storage. HCG...I have some small atrophy, but for me is an ok trade off with trt. However, the cystic acne, the abnormal hair growth, and possible thinning of hair on scalp- are all no goes for me. I can deal with some acne- even minor cystic, and I can deal with atrophy. The rest...no way!

Again at troph my DHT was 602, on a scale of 117-719. So at troph my DHT was on the high end of normal. I since then have reduce my Test CYpionate to 105mg last week.

My regular dose was 150mg- however, been since dosing down. When my DHT was checked( upon my request ) I did 120mg that week. So, unless I find a doc who can treat my DHT levels- getting them in good non hair thinning range- and prob estrogen as well....I might just quit TRT. I mean my insurance covers the testosterone, so it is Pharm grade.

Covers my needles, alchol swabs etc. So I thought it was a good deal. However, anyone's thoughts on quitting TRT, and what to expect..quitting? Also, am I wrong suspecting DHT for the hair? Also, the elevated levels of estrogen for extra fat on mid section?

Last thoughts on 200mg EOW I seen some cystic Acne, some needed cut open in the ER. My estrogen was slightly at times elevated. I would also feel almost like blood pressure was elevating at times. My test never measured super physiological.
200mg was on for 3 years

@ 150mg EW 1 year total- First 9 months
Cystic acne was about the same, my Blood pressure feelings somewhat diminished. More proactive aggressive- not roid rage- although iritable at times, almost a perfectionist....but got a lot done. Estrogen was higher! 60-90. Strength fell off a little.

@150mg EW- After distributor change- Last 3 months
Cystic Acne got worse, Hair growth on body, Hair thinning in a spot on scalp, Continued high estrogen, Test super physiological, free test got above normal on a troph. Erections the best ever, but my physical strength fell off - DHT high end of normal, measuring 602 on a scale of 117-719- this at troph. ******Do note: First time I ever checked DHT*******

I meet with my Family physician Tomorrow, she has no knowledge of A.I's etc etc. So I am sure she will be freaked to see my changes in just 3-4 months time. I have no idea what to say or to ask her. So any final thoughts would be helpful!

  • P.S....I will keep this updated, as many seem to get these sides( small percentage ), and are maybe in my boat. It seems at the brand change something happened, however, that point maybe mute. Something definately happened with my TT and free test.


Fat gain: This can be from thyroid levels that are too low. Have you checked your oral body temperatures?

Has AM cortisol been checked?


My Cortisol was nomral. My TSH was checked and was normal. So on my last labs...on 135mg at peak- 3 days out- My DHT was 97 on a range of 30-85. My TSH was 1.9 on a scale of .450-4.500. Waiting for the TT and free test back.

Now what is strange is that I had been on 150 for 9 months prior to this last 3 months were I was also on 150, just different brands( however, both pharmacetical Test Cyp ). They also have the same manufacturer, just different distributors. So I don't get why the effects now or for the DHT. When I was doing 200mg every other week...I had some blood pressure like feelings, but none of this. However, the first 9 months of 150mg..I had no big different sides....except my E2 was higher, 50-90 range, as opposed to the 200 EOW- which was high as well, but more 35-60 range. 42 being the high end of normal on tests.

Unfortunately DHT was not checked until recent, so I can that is why I give the E2 numbers. I did cut 20lbs before summer....and the fat loss around stomach didn't really go as much as one might think. The doc asked me what dose I wanted to be on...they said maybe go down to 120mg- I said I was already at 105mg. Bummer..bc I know a lot of guys who prob wished their doc asked that last q...I assume the doc came up with that number because I took the lab of DHT at 120mg. I am on my own bc when I mentioned an A.I...she was clueless...when I mentioned if my DHT would lower, would things presume to normal, she didn't know...The doc basically just handles T. Also insurance covers.


TSH is too high, better close to 1.0
Don't get mislead by TSH lab ranges like the doctors. Do you really think that a 10:1 range of TSH is realistic?

Low thyroid function or hypothyroidism can lower your metabolism, mood and energy, causing fat gain and making fat loss difficult.

Please post number and ranges, not pronouncements of normal.

Please see the thyroid basics sticky.
"Have you checked your oral body temperatures? "


I'm going to chime in here because KSMan really helped me a few months back.

I had a hell of a time getting anyone to let me switch from cream to shots. Then doctors only wanted to give me the EOW crap. Then I convinced one to give me every week.

On every week I felt a strong surge then a sharp fall (I may be sensitive). I would also get prostate swelling.

I switched to E3D finally when I found a somewhat shady guy who would let me do my own.

Now I feel even better. I would strong recommend you switch to 60-75mg E3D.

If not for so much pinning required I would probably switch to 40-50 EOD.

Personally I get a huge lab tested reduction in DHT from saw palmetto. So big that it can cause me to crash, so if you running DHT too high I would try that.


@Callys....May I ask, how much saw palmetto you were supplementing? I might have to try that. Far as test 150mg might have been too much for me, was weird bc I was on it for 9 months until side effects, that coincided with a different distributor.



No I haven't checked my A.M body temperature. Normally I am on the warm side- people always say I am like a furnace to sit next to. However, have never checked it. I did however meet with a Dermatologist for the hair thinning on head and hair growth on body. He found the hair growth to be quite abnormal for the time span....he actually unddered the words," Wow, this is odd." Then he seen a folder I had marked labs. I did not introduce the labs yet, as I didn't want to be subjective. He then asked if I ever did steroids? Then that's when I replied TRT......He did mention a proscar, but did say that this was to complex for him to treat, because in his 14 years he never seen anyone that had their own DHT levels done....also he said he never had anyone on TRT and said to go to an endo. Smh....He did say as long as I stayed on trt it would happen. I informed him I have been off trt for almost 2 weeks.

Long story short, he was unsure about proscar- he brought the drug up, he never seen DHT levels checked. He did note that it was the hormones and DHT responsible for the scalp and excess hair on body... Now, I knew this would be a two prong approach a derma and endo....but I figured since I had labs...it would help. I did ask about sides to proscar , he said about 10%, not 2 % have side effects. I then asked if a lower dose was given would that lower sides....he replied, he never gave a lower dose. I then asked, since proscar is a DHT blocker...That is bc proscar lowers DHT, that in some men dose it lower DHT so much that it gives them sides....he replied yes. So then I asked him again about lower dosing. He did note that the hair on scalp may come back when hormones come to normal. He also noted that the hair on torso may eventually go away----but later said he didn't know.

Lastly I asked him( I figured why the fck not, since he isn't going to do anything ) if hair that was suppose to grow back naturally when hormones rebalance and one takes Proscar...then later quits Proscar( either via sides or w.e reason ) will that hair stay after discontinued use of Proscar?.....BC for most when they quit Proscar their hair slowly falls out...however, my question was if it was a DHT artificial induced problem, and they go back to their " Normal " DHT before Testosterone, will that hair stay?....He replied, he didn't know.

I am 13 days out from last shot, at a lowered dose of 120mg Test Cyp. I was going to ask about an A.I....as it seems when the DHT gets lowered, Estrogen can go up. I never got to that, bc...I figured he wouldn't know. I should have never said TRT lol...he would have wrote scripts...I should have just said I took supplements and was off for awhile.