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TRT, Gyno, & General Advice

I posted a bit prematurely here:


…and got what I needed to know for the most part.

My natural test levels are shot, so I’m now on TRT.

I developed a small, but very noticeable, amount of gyno in my right nipple. This happened about 2-3 months ago, well before I started TRT, which I just started on Tues of this week.

My prolactin levels are elevated, and my natural test levels were severely decreased. This is almost certainly why I developed the gyno in the first place.

So, I’m planning on taking 250mg of test enthanate per week, and taking prami for the gyno.

For those who are curious, my testosterone registered at a whopping 340 ng/dl, and my prolactin registered at a rather high 22.0 ng/dl. Normal range for a male is between 4.0-15.2 ng/dl.

Here are my two questions:

  1. How much prami should I take?

I went with prami because I read that it’s stable in liquid form, that way I could avoid the insanely overpriced Rx version of the drug. I’ve read about the sleepiness, and how I need to gradually increase my dosage over time to avoid severe nausea. I was planning on starting at .175mg/day and working up to either .25/day or .5mg/day.

What do you guys think?

  1. Also, on Tuesday I gave myself an injection of 200mg Test cypionate, left over from when I was on TRT years back. However, now I have test enthanate. Do I need to worry about some sort of interaction between the two bases? Or can I go ahead and inject the enthanate this upcoming Tuesday without worry of some sort of conflict?

Thanks guys,


Start low with the prami and slowly work up. Prami makes some people sleepy so most dose before bed. From personal experience I can not sleep for the life of me if I take prami at night, maybe get an hour of sleep then wake up and toss and turn awake all night and if i take it in the morning it makes me tired but its manageable. Strong stuff but it works well.

You’ll be fine shooting the enanthate.

What dose should I work up to?

I took ALMOST .5mg of prami last night (…it’s 2mg/cc, so it’s really hard to dose any lower than .5mg without diluting the stock solution) I’d say it was probably about .37-.40mg, and I got a little nauseous for a couple hours.

I suppose that probably means I actually got legitimate prami.

I’ll take .5mg tonight, but what is the total I should work up to? Or is .5mg good to run until the gyno subsides?



.5 should be good