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TRT Guys Who Cycle (No, Not Bikes)

To those who cycle high (READ: normal) steroid doses then go back to TRT when off i have a question…

So Testolius, you too T-Anna?, um… who else…?

Anyway, what i want to know is… when you finish your cycle and go back to your 100mg-200mg a week what is your steady state libido like?

Is it normal, good, great or not good at all? If you are sensitive answering i would really appreciate a PM instead (id suggest you post a fake one here too to throw off the scent! lol!)
Also what TRT dose do you use, 100 a week or 200mg?

It would be appreciated anyway as it will affect my decisions in the future RE: steroids etc.

Cheers big ears


I generally run a dose of 300mg of enanthate split into 2 inj, e3d.

A touch too much perhaps but i will be reducing this.

So, seeing as this is still a fairly large dose by TRT standards, i have not suffered any libido crash at all upon completion of a cycle, so libido is good.

My intention this time, i am currently running 800mg enan p/wk, then 2 weeks on, 2 off of dbol @ 50mg daily and winny 50mg daily,
will be to stasis for 6 weeks at 300mg, then drop the dose to 150mg weekly, see how i feel on that, if i encounter problems, i will up it to 200mg per week.

A question i would like to pose is this, essentially for the guys who have been on TRT for a good while, if for example; life was to change and circumstances dictated that TRT was no longer an option, those who are self medicated anyway, how would one go about coming off, would a 6 week stasis then taper be enough after years of exogenous administration?
I am also fairly interested in how you guys/if you guys use HCG for general testicular plumpness?

apologies Joe for the hijack :wink:

No probs, i am interested in your question too…

Glad you changed your pic, for some reason i hated the old one, it made you look rubbery. That one is much better. Where you from tanna? lol@tanna! THATS A NEW NAME!

To the future posters, dont neglect my question either, OK?

yeah… better not eiva…


you have a PM mr joseph sir.