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TRT Going into AAS Range, Aromatase Question


I have been on TRT for a year ( 45 with primary hypo ) I am a naturally muscular guy with a tendency to modest attract belly fat ( normal American diet ) during last year I use about 125mg per week T cyp , split into two doses . I also use 1.5 mg anastrozole weekly . My belly fat diminished and muscles got a bit bigger ( with 3-4 weight lifting days per week )

the QUESTION I have is : if I increase my T dosage ( 200mg week ) without increasing my AI , will the additional T mostly be converted into E2 and give minimum T effects and possibly more E effects . I am hearing that T cyp can only be used up to a certain amount WITHOUT AI . That is why other types of AAS are used ( that don't aromatize as much as T ) - BTW I only have access to T cyp and anastrozole , so my strategy is limited .


you are correct in that higher the t dose, more than likely you will need to increase your ai to prevent conversion to estrogen. How much of an increase is dependent on the person. I’m not sure how frequently you are dosing your adex but eod or even Ed is the best.