TRT General Guidelines

Hello! Long time reader here, wanted to clarify some things so making a post. Little info about me: 24 yrs old, 5’11 175lbs, tested for low test 1 year ago and have been on trt ever since. I have a couple of general questions I wanted to clarify, so any information is helpful. Thanks all for your time!

  1. How often should I be doing labs and blood donation?

  2. My most recent lab tested for 1440ng/dL for total test and 26pg/mL for estradiol (quest labs) at 0.8ml Test C 0.4mg anastrozole injected weekly.

  3. What is the ideal range for these two and what other things should I be getting labs for?

  4. How should my dosage be changed in order to achieve ideal levels?

  5. I’ve been taking just Test C for the past year, but have read the Hgh is helpful to reduce the likelihood of infertility. Is more harmful for my health to have both test and HGH? What are the side effects of HGH particullarly on cardiovascular health?

  6. Are there any vitamin supplements (other than a good diet) I should be taking?

Thanks again!

Most providers do blood tesing every 6 months.

This isn’t TRT, it’s performance enhancement therapy. We have no idea about your Free T levels.

The majority of men do best in the top end of the normal ranges or slightly higher.

The optimal estrogen range is going to be different depending on the individual. Some guys are very sensitive to estrogen and some guys can handle very high estrogen without problems.

If your provider started you out on an AI right out the gate, shame on them.

If you need more control over your levels, increasing the injection frequency can give you more precise control as well as having more steady levels and you will have higher trough levels.

If your vitamin D is on the lower end, especially in the winter months, by all means supplement it because without enough vitamin D, you will loose muscle mass no matter how high your T.

Thanks for the reply! Just some clarifying questions:

  1. What do you mean by not TRT and performance enhancement therapy? I had a typo in the post and meant to say Test C instead of Test E. What’s the difference between getting total test vs free test?

  2. Wanted to clarify my provider didn’t prescribe me AI from the beginning. Started with only Test C but added AI after labs came back with estrogen being too high.

TRT is replacing normal levels to relieve the symptoms of low testosterone, in other words 264-916 ng/dL. Your levels are probably always above the normal ranges.

The Free T is where the rubber meets the road, the Free T is the most potent form of testosterone.

My estrogen is very high also on TRT, but I feel amazing.

Most guys don’t need AI’s.

Are you treating a number or symptoms?

Gotcha, yeah that’s what I thought about my levels being too high. Glad someone could confirm that with me. Ideally, I want to get it down to around 900 ng/dL so would probably try 0.7mL per week instead of the 0.8mL I’m doing now.

Not treating other symptoms, just low test (150 ng/dL when I first got tested and decided to do TRT).

If you don’t mind me asking, what estrogen levels are you usually sitting around? And do you use HGH for infertility issues, if so are there any side effects I should be aware of? I’m only 24 so obviously, I want to keep the possibility of having kids in the future. Thank you!

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