TRT Frustration 24 YO

Hello everyone! I am new to these boards… Just signed up after countless hours of reading many of the threads and sticky’s here. I will tell you a bit about myself and then leave some blood results. I’m currently 24 Years old (25 in Nov.) and have been on/off TRT since 2005. I’m currently a manager of a supplement store and have decent knowledge of how the body works and deals with alot of ingredients, but of course I am no expert! In approx. 10th grade i tipped the scales at 301lbs, decided i had enough torture from society and dropped 80lbs .

Upon waiting to have gynocomastia surgery and breast reduction surgery (alot of extra skin) i had to go through the processes of seeing an Endo and getting results in order for the insurance company to back most of the surgery. During that time the endo diagnosed me with hypogonadism… Now i am pretty sure its primary but i do not have that on paper. What i do have are some of the notes and tests from the endo from 2005. These results were as follows…

Estradiol less than 20
FSH - 2.9 (1.0-12.0)
LH - 2.3 (2.57-10.13)
Total Test - 251 (241-827)
Free Test - 7.8 (no range given)
Cortisol - 12.8 (was a concern to her)
DHEAS - 421

I had a pituitary MRI which was normal, as well as a testicular ultrasound which only states left testicle is slightly smaller than the right with a small variceal below the left testicle.

Over the next number of years my doctor expirimented with androgel (up to 2 packets per day) and once my levels seemed to meet the high 300’s he took me off of it. Just for the levels to drop significantly over the next couple of years. Leading me to 2012-2013 timeframe. Last year I went back to the doctor and told him about all of my issues i was having again. (low sex drive, no energy, muscle weakness and fatigue.) during the year of 2011-2012 i reached my lowest weight of 175 and was almost anorexic looking. But over this time no matter how much protein i took in my muscle seemed to deplete rather than grow, as well as my strength.

Again… my doctor put me on a gel form of TRT this time Testim. I just discontinued the testim about a week ago upon request of trying injections, as i have read how well it has worked for many others and a few people that i have come to know over the years. My doctor just prescribed me 200mg of test cyp EVERY TWO WEEKS. And i administered my first injection this past thursday. Over the past two days i have developed some aching pain in my testicles… mostly feeling it when i lay on my stomach in bed, sit down, or walk. (i guess thats most of the time ha) and im not sure if that is atrophy occuring or something else going on… it’s quite worrisome though.

I want to say ive had this problem before though, as i have done 2 pro-hormone cycles with proper PCT, however im sure PCT did next to nothing with having hypogonadism. I’ve also tried over a dozen natural test boosters in the past 3 years rangin from tribulus, d aspartic acid, fenugreek, or dhea based… to no real avail. What is most troubling to me is through self education… I realized my doc hasn’t even been tracking E2, LH, FSH, levels when he gets my blood work done to check test levels. My last labs were as follows…

PSA .32 (<4.0 ng/ml)
T4 - 1.5 (.ng/dl)
Magnesium (reason why i am adding this is because its really low for some reason?) - 1.9 with magnesium supplement (1.8-2.4 MG/DL)
Prolactin - 8.3 (2.1-17.7NG/ML)
Free Test - 9.2 (9.3-26.5 pg/ml)
Total Test - 345.0 (348-1197)
T3 - 80.9 (60.0-181.0 NG/DL)
TSH - 1.52 (0.358-3.740 iIU/ML)

This is truly getting frustrating needless to say, and my wife and I have hopes of starting a family in a couple of years. When i mentioned the addition of HCG to my test cyp injections the doc just kind of smiled (idk if he was impressed at my knowledge or what)
but said he has guys who get it from mexico… and that he wasnt against it but wanted to start with this first and go from there.

Also because the HCG could cause my gyno to come back. I also mentioned adex with the HCG and test… didnt really mention too much. I realize he is a primary healthcare physician and not an expert in this field but i do feel more educated than him at times on the topic, and am getting to the point of almost self medicating with TEST/HCG/ and ADEX. So out of frustration and stress… I created an account and though maybe i could get some pointers and knowledge on my situation from you experienced guys out there… seems like there isnt much hope at times…

Current stats
unknown BF% if i had to guess i would say 15% range
lift 5 days a week
2-3hrs of cardio per week
230-240g of protein per day
100-130g carbs per day
70g of fat per day

Where are you located?

You need a new doc. There is a sticky for that.

In your post, lower RH corner, use [edit] to add lab ranges to lab results. Also need total fasting cholesterol, fasting glucose, AST, ALT, RBC, hemoglobin, hematocrit.

Read the tyroid basics sticky and come back with iodine intake history and oral body temp readings.

Waist size is really the important predictor of health.

Digestive problems or episodes?
Ever had a occult blood test for blood in your poop?

Low levels of magnesium may indicate that a person is not consuming or absorbing enough or is excreting too much magnesium. Deficiencies are typically seen with:

Low dietary intake (seen in the elderly, malnourished, and with alcoholism) 
Gastrointestinal disorders (such as Crohn's disease) 
Uncontrolled diabetes 
Long-term diuretic use 
Prolonged diarrhea 
Post surgery 
Severe burns 
Toxemia of pregnancy

I would look at urinalysis and kidney function.

Cortisol should have been AM cortisol, doing the lab work at 8AM!

Added ranges, I will add the others you asked for when I get home from work. I don’t have any of the symptoms you listed, the only thing I can think of is constant use of fat burners or thermogenics like oxy elite pro. My current waist size is 34. I’m located in watertown , NY

Your T3 should be near 120, mid-range. Need your iodine and body temp info.

Also need total fasting cholesterol, fasting glucose, AST, ALT, RBC, hemoglobin, hematocrit.

Please do not miss any of the points in my post.

This product could contribute to adrenal stress:

Reported Oxyelite Pro Side Effects

Overstimulation - Those who are not used to ingesting large amounts of caffeine can see side effects from a drug like Oxyelite. You may feel jittery or nervous throughout the day. Those suffering from an overexposure to stimulants can suffer from headaches or insomnia as they become used to using these types of substances. Those who suffer from a heart condition or take medication that is meant to act as a depressant especially need to pay attention to the mentioned potential side effects.

Your doc does not know what he is doing. You need hCG with injections, see the protocol for injections sticky. You can do a hCG-then-Nolvadex-with-anastrozole restart attempt. But you need a new doc for that. Nolvadex-with-anastrozole cab also work. You will need to check TT, FT, E2, LH/FSH during the SERM[Nolvadex] and after. More details are needed.

ok so most recent info that you asked for…

hemoglobin 14.4 (14.0-18.0g/dl)
hematocrit 42.6 (42.0-52.0%)
RBC 4.69 (4.70-6.10m/mm3)
AST (28 (15-37u/l)
ALT 42 (12-78u/l)
Glucose 86 (70-105 MG/DL)

this was all that was on my paperwork. diet wise i eat alot of lean protein sources (chicken, tuna, steak, ground beef, ground turkey), little dairy, alot of fibrous vegetables. (salads, broccoli, green beans…) and nuts usually limited to almonds 90% of the time for healthy sources of fat.

went to doctor this afternoon for the pain and got prescribed cipro for epididymitis… (after an exam) also was referred back to the joslin center in Syracuse to an endocrinologist

Your iron status is in doubt and GI bleed blood loss needs to be considered. Ask for a occult blood loss kit. You take the kit home and smear a bit of poop on the card, seal it and mail it… done.

Someone should be looking at your complete CBC. I am only seeing what I ask for.

Your hemoglobin and hematocrit are mildly low, indicating a low red blood cell count. This is called anemia.

It is rare for men to have a lack of iron, explainable for women. So you need to find the reason for this. Low T can thing the blood and TRT can restore, but you are definitely beyond that affect. More red meat might be helpful, but that would not address the cause. You should have ferritin checked too.

my last ferretin reading was

Ferritin 188 (5-244 NG/ML) 8/10/12

I never have any problems going to the bathroom, nor do i ever see any blood in my stools or on toilet paper. most of my meat sources come from chicken, turkey. I do sometimes eat lean burger (90/10) or lean cuts of steak. But do to fat content i try to limit it to 1/2 portions daily when i do cook it. generally 6-7oz per meal

The idea of occult blood test is that you cannot see it! Ferritin looks good! So lets table that. TRT can treat anemia and that is an indication for use of T.

You need TRT, but at your age, you really need to try to find and fix the root causes.

Try fish oil and flax seed meak/oil for EFA’s.

Your T3 should be near 120, mid-range. Need your iodine and body temp info.

Also need total fasting cholesterol, fasting glucose, AST, ALT, RBC, hemoglobin, hematocrit.

Please do not miss any of the points in my post.

  • did you miss the first point re thyroid issues?