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TRT Frequency & Supplementation


I’m sure somewhere in the vast abyss of info this most likely has been covered, however my quandary is this. I think we’re all in agreement no matter what your prescribed dose is you should divide that and inject frequently correct? This should keep the hills and valleys more flat and balanced. What are the staple supplements to run while on trt? I’m prescribed.75 every week which I breakup into 3 .25 shots, I still notice that little bit of drop so I’m working with the doc to get my script up where I can pin every other day. I am still struggling with BF%, I recently began keto which I really like as carbs just put me to sleep.


Will post lab results at next draw

.75 is a volume not a dosage. I assume you are 200mg/ml? Otherwise that’s a smallish dose. Are you taking and AI or HCG?

This is why I’m here…lol …I am at 75/ml so I’m doing 25ml injections…Yes it very small, that’s what I said to the doc. I thought average start was 100/ml. I realize I should probably read the stickies, do you have a link not sure where they are. I am not taking anything else definitely need some direction.

Example my protocol looks like this, 100mg .17.5mL EOD which works out to 70mg weekly. I tend to need a smaller dose injecting more frequently to achieve the same results that I do on a higher dose injecting less frequently. 70mg split EOD provides similar results to 50mg twice weekly except I convert more T–>E2 on the latter.

It’s assumed your SHBG is low, high body fat percentages usually are associated with lower SHBG, more frequent shots are needed. Watch that E2 over the course of your treatment, mine went unmonitor for 8 months and I thought I never had an E2 problem, I don’t know what feeling normal feels like since I’ve been on medication my whole life up until now. If your doctor refuses to monitor E2 levels find a new doctor or you will never feel right.

When I was receiving 1 injection a week it would start great then I would fall into a pit of emotional despair. I would feel exhausted and felt I could be brought to tears watching a commercial! I started breaking up my injections recently and feel better, more energy and less fog. I’ve struggled with this for years and I’ve finally gotten it thru to the doc now it’s just discovering what I need to do, look at, take and push my doc in that direction. I’m tired of people telling me it’s that I’m getting older etc!

The “I’m getting older comment” is a cop out answer when it’s just a lazy doctor taking the easy way out.

Amen brother. That’s why I’m glad I discovered this site, it’s a shame that doctors seem to be in the dark or at least pretend to be. I’ve told my doctor I’m dependent on him to monitor but I’m not going to base how I feel from some nationwide number about my test levels, either I feel right or I don’t. It’s not that I wanted unlimited test, it’s that I would like to be me again! I told him I felt uncharacteristicly emotional when on 1 shot and he wanted to lower my dose…it’s been a rough road to get here!

Insurance companies don’t like it when doctors run a bunch of tests as if costs money, lowering the dosage is cheap and sometimes effective method, however sometimes that means the real cause might be something else that is missed (high E2) do to choosing to wear a blindfold. It’s not that they are in the dark it’s that their hands are tied by hospital administration.

This is why cash pay doctors are so popular, they have the freedom to run whatever tests they want since they don’t have the insurance companies breathing down their neck, this better enables them to be more thorough and catch a medical problem before it becomes a problem that is often missed by HMO doctors who are watched closely and heavily restricted. They must justify the tests they run, therefore their less likely to run necessary tests.

So got my doc to send last draw:

B12-727 pg/ml
TSH- 1.25 uIU
Test- 239
T4-1.1 ng/dL
Carbon dioxide-30
Urea nitrogen-26
Hematocrit 45.2
Hemoglobin 14.7
Mch 28.1
Mchc 32.6
Mcv 86.1
Mpv 10.2
Platelet count 243
Rdw 13.5
Red blood cells 5.25
White blood cells 8.0

Figures your doctor wouldn’t order complete labs for thyroid, I see this alot of half baked labs that doesn’t tell the full story. The thyroid hormone fT3 is the active hormone in the same way FT is the active hormone of testosterone, you wouldn’t order only TT when checking a guys testosterone, you must check his free hormones. Total T4 is a reservoir for free hormones in the same way TT is a reservoir for FT.

It’s difficult to gauge how well you are responding to treatment without TT, FT, E2 and SHBG together. A doctor that doesn’t run E2 sensitive labs is clueless, guys will convert more T–>E2 on TRT versus natural T production. If E2 is out of range you will have lowered libido and erections will be soft.

Well…Erections haven’t been an issue, Morning wood at full mast sir! I am setting up another blood draw hopefully this week so I’ll make sure everything gets checked!
Anything else jump out ?