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TRT for Women?! (Over Here, KSman)


Looking for info. If KSman is here, his opinion would matter. Yes I did some research on this site and the web. Didn't find much.

Female, 45. Super healthy. Very healthy diet. Mostly high protein normal fat and low carbs...when her boyfriend doens't trick her into eating a pizza...Makes girls half her age jealous of her body. Body fat in the low/healthy range. Look at barbells and put on some muscle vs fat women who look at cakes and gain fat. Have kids already. Don't want anymore.

She already tried a few things (var, win, test, hGH all 'reputable' UGL for all that's worth) in very very conservative numbers. All of them she puts on muscle way too fast (I know, no guy would complain about that).

The problem is she's trying to go TRT to bring back the same things as guys on TRT. Sex drive, energy, concentration,... overall well being. The only thing that gives her that, is about 10mg of Test P EOD. The problem is she puts on way too much muscle. At 5mg (Test P) EOD she doesn't feel anything.

I was looking but couldn't find any info on women on masteron (drostanolone) other than what is was really designed for, breast cancer.

Would masteron be a good alternative to bring her sex drive up(what she's mostly after from the test) and the rest without bulking up? Or should she 'stack' 5mg-5mg (test P, mast P) EOD-E3D? Would that be a good option or there is something I don't know that might screw her up?

She wants to stay away from orals as she wants it as TRT not as a cycle and doesn't want to 'destroy' her liver with orals.

Doctors around here are way behind when comes to TRT for men. When she brought the subject up to her doctor about TRT for herself he looked at her like she was a crazy woman. Even getting her lab results seems to be a problem.


Masteron is not available Rx in USA or Canada.

What you are talking about is not replacement therapy.

Any labs? Thyroid function?

T may lead to facial hair and/or deepening of voice.


You're right I shouldn't have use the term TRT for that situation but it's neither a 'standard cycle'. She read "The Secret Female Hormone-How Testosterone Replacement Can Change Your Life" from Kathy C Maupin, MD. She's convinced that he can help her.

Her lab results were all 'within range'. Except estrogen (E2?) and progesterone. Thyroid was normal. Accordingly to the doc at the time, she should live to be over a 100. He still got her on estrogen and progesterone therapy which only made her feel worst.

When she tried a test cycle, she felt great, good energy, mental clarity and the obvious sex drive of a male teen... but the draw back was she would put on muscle too fast (she's genetically gifted to start with).

So she's trying to find a happy medium between a 'standard cycle' and 'TRT'. Trying to minimize the side effects (hair and extra weight/muscle gain) with the benefits of the test. She's ok with doing some extra waxing/plucking or laser hair removal if it grows too much.

Since a female 'beginner's testosterone cycle' is 25-50mg/week and 5mg EOD (11.5mg/week) does nothing to improve her well being, she went up to 10mg EOD (which work out at roughly 23mg/week) but she obviously started to gain muscle quickly.

I came up with the idea of stacking 5mg test-5mg mast EOD. She would get the benefits of the test and hopefully by using a less anabolic and less androgenic AAS(masteron) she could reduce the side effects. Unfortunately no docs will prescribe testosterone for female around here. She have to go with quality underground lab products. She says she can get it from a trust worthy source...

Anyway, anyone have some info about women doing test and/or masteron for the well being (like a man would do TRT)?

If anyone can point me in the right direction (ie books, websites, personal experiences,...) that would be greatly appreciated.


50mg/wk is what I was started on. That's way too much for a female unless they want to transition.

I think you mean 5mg EOD = 17.5mg/wk or you meant E3D.

At 5mg/inj are you using the same syringe for a few days?


This is what I was thinking. From what I've read, if adding test, women should be on a slower release ester and on the order of 10mg/week.

I think the trick would be just the same as anyone. Do some testing to find the minimum dose for the desired effect.


Small more frequent doses are slow release!


The 25-50mg/week is the 'regular' (if there is such a thing) for a female cycle-r. What I mean is it is, from my internet research, what a woman would use if she wanted to see some noticeable gains in the muscle department. That would be a cycle that could last 10-14 weeks...

What my friend is using is, now 8mg/test prop EOD which works out at roughly 28mg/week. When she was at 5mg EOD (17.5mg/week) she didn't feel anything. At 10mg EOD (35mg/week) She felt great but her clit got a little bigger... Although her husband enjoyed the sex drive she had.

She'll keep the 8mg EOD and see how she feels. She's been a week on at this dosage and the clit size already went back half normal.

The real question is , can a stack of test and mast (obviously both in lower dosage like 5mg test + 3mg mast EOD) be better than on a 8mg test EOD for well being, healthy sex drive, mental clarity and all the other good things? Since test aromatize (I'm only assuming cause it does that in guys) and give watery gains and mast helps you to stay leaner (all other things being equal)...would that stact be a better option? I can't believe no women even ventured in that world...


I decline to comment as I, by choice, do not have experience with synthetic hormones.


thanks anyway. It was worth a shot. If anyone else have some info or can point me in the right direction, that would be greatly appreciated.


Maybe she should try supplementing with DHEA?


Yes and no. Small frequent doses of prop will give you consistent levels, but since each shot is so small there may be a measurement error issue. It seems that using cyp would be easier because each shot would be larger (although still small) and it might reduce dosing measurement error. There's also the issue of PIP, but I doubt that's too big of a deal. It's a tiny shot and women are way tougher than us!


DHEA alone can induce hair growth in some women.