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TRT for Us Older Guys

hi chaps ,trying to get some info but feel like i am not medical enough to understand how things are described in the topics i will tell you where i am at and hope you can point me in the right direction cheers , i am male 62 and have trained all my life but not for competitions just to keep fit basicaly a three day split top half and cardio one day and legs and cardio next time alternateing, do a day miss a day,and mountain bikeing about a hundred miles a week i am semi retired lol ,now down to the nitty gritty low libedo cannot be arsed and all the other things that go with low testosterone when i read the forums seem to apply to me (seem to be drifting that way over the last 5 years)i used to be ultra competitive not any more dont mind a girl passing me lol i have been to docs for blood tests inc thyroid and all come back fine but testoterone is 400 which is at bottom ov aceptable acording to doc but being as its never been tested before no idea what it was in the past i am 210 lbs 36 waist 47 chest and body fat 30% legs and bum solid muscle and no real pot belly eat healthy but struggling to get the fat % down ,now the nub do you think a regular low dose ov oral test would be a good thing and what kind and amount would be apropiate , i am not looking for huge gains just a gentle back to feeling as randy as i used to and some of this fat off basical that well man feeling i do think where i am is typical of a lot of us older guys so i am sure a lot ov peops will be interested in this topic

I have been where you are at. I understand your frustration but you are going to have to become educated just to protect your health. It sounds like you may be British and i have no idea how British docs work but here in the US, its hard to find a mainstream doc that is knowledgeable and willing to help.

First of all, never take oral Test. It doesnt work, doesnt pass thru the liver, etc. Injections are best, then transdermal or pellets.

There are some super knowledgeable guys here. Especially KSMan, he is very well versed. Do your research, look at the stickies, look online, and be prepared to take matters into your own hands.

Also, this site will not tell you where to find AAS. You gotta do your own legwork for that.

Good luck

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Post all labs in list format with ranges.

Do not assume that there are not any older guys here.

thanks for your reply yes i am english but having looked all over the net for information this seemed the clearest and most informed site i am back at docs in a weeks time and will get him to print out the blood test results ,already i am better informed about the oral stuff , from reading other things i thought that they had discovered a way to get it past the liver .
sorry i was not assuming there were no older guys on here, i thought the title of thread might make it easyer for for other oldr guys to find it, cheers for your help so far and i will continue reading and learning until i can post results from doc .
final daft question is transdermal what we call patches

We need labs with ranges. Lots of old guys here.

transdermal can be either patches or creams. I tried them but your skin loses its ability to absorb the test and you have to move your site around. Injections are best.

related… Some guys cannot absorb transdermals or do then its gone. This can be a sign if low thyroid function.

Transdermals are 10% absorbed at best, injections are 100%, so there are cost implications

thanks lads all slowly becoming clearer
do you agree with just injecting into pinched skin rather than straight into muscle
or am i off on the wrong track again sorry if its more beginers questions but it is realy helpfull getting honest answers off people who understand how things work

Test was originally designed to be injected intramuscular (IM) but some guys have success with subcutaneous (subQ) injections. I personally have never tried subQ and rotate my injections between my glutes and quads. My wife does them for me and its so much better!

Dont go down this road without proper estrogen control. If your estrogen becomes elevated, it will make you feel worse than before.

Also, at your age, this is a permanent way of life until you decide to quit. I will say though, that my life has changed dramatically since on TRT.

Please see the protocol for injections sticky.

SC avoided decades of muscle damage and is smoother delivery. SC and IM are both 100% absorbed.

Having done both subconscious and intramuscular. I can tell you that the advantage of intramuscular would consist of… if you enjoy pain. It hurts just a little more. If you like that, then do it, otherwise there’s no reason.
Maybe one reason would be if your wife does your injections for you. And she is a nurse and insists on doing it the same way she does it in the office. Admittedly it is hard to have a less painful injection than one right in the rear. But in most cases we are injecting ourselves and that’s not an option

thanks lads brilliant info
i am not a man for unnecessary pain subcutaneous will be my route hopefully via doc lol i printed the whole trt replacement document from this site and gave it to him to read lol along with a nhs (national health service )rewiew of 2000 men of all ages from 30 to 90 who were given trt by private doctors (paid for) with not a single bad result and 70% of patients reporting major improvements in feeling and lifestyle (read banging the wife ha ha which my lady is well keen on ) i have an appointment with him in 8 days time and we will see where we go from there i would like to try all legitimate routes before trying other avenues which i think may not be to hard to get the stuff as am still friends with the big lads in the gym its more about knowing the right stuff and minimum amount for the results i am after from people that no what they are talking about not just blind guessing

ordered a bucket of ACETYL L CARNITINE as per happydog48 as a starter lol

I have found that IM with a small gauge needle is painless in the muscle tissue, can be more comfortable than SC for some.

Self injections in the butt are dangerous as one cannot really manage the injection properly to assure that one avoids major blood vessels and nerves. Too much risk for me. Also demands flexibility that most do not have.

I and other find that the skin over the upper leg seems to have a lot less nerves than other areas. Sometimes I feel nothing at all.

I agree on the but injections BUT with a cooperative wife, they are easy and painless. Quads can be a pain, I always get a quiver when the needle goes in, but it is short lived.

right lads i hav a reply from doc i have scanned results and attached pdf to this i dont understand any of it lol
hope you can help i understood the obese bit and from 5 days ago have started an agressive loseing weight regime based on my fitnesspal app and a 5 week program that i will stick to (expect between 14 and 20 lb loss)
i have also enrolled with an english online private doctor who i am asured by others will provide one of these three testim , tostran or testogel which of the three is best to be honest which ever i choose is going to cost me about £60.00 a month with about £75 woth ov tests in first month dunno if this price is good or bad cheers for any help

Image contains too much identifiable info not masked out.

Thyroid results not shown?

You have not read the stickies?

Those labs are quite useless, TT is low, FT and E2 unknown.
Nothing learned from the labs.

Transdermal T often does not work, very often when there is a problem with low thyroid function, which you can eval by taking your oral body temperatures as described in the stickies.

You need to be testing:
PSA with a DRE before TRT and at 6 months, then every year.

In the UK you can easily be Vit-D3 deficient.

You need to be more involved with this process.

oops sorry but that is all that they tested and when i went to doctors he gave me what he said were all the results and said it showed my thyroid was ok as well i just believed him ,i have done my best to read the stickys (about 12 hours so far }but most of it seems a foreign language to me me i do keep going back over it ,i will look into getting some more thorough blood tests .i think i am prob ok on the d3 as i am out in the sun minimum 2 hours every day a sunbed once a week,and oily fish once oh and multi vitamin tablets . i have noted what you said and will try and sort out the right blood work and buy myself a thermometer , to be honest i thought it was a case of there are the results bingo thats what is wrong , obviously not , thank you for the time and effort you have put in and if you could redact anything that should not be there i would appreciate it, its driveing me nuts knowing something is wrong and not being able to fix it atleast you are giving me hope it will be fixable in the end and for that i thank you mr KSman