TRT for Two Weeks & Testicular Atrophy

If I went on TRT just to try it for two weeks, would that cause (irreversible) testicular atrophy?
Would just two weeks cause a permanent decrease in my own T production?

Thanks in advance

Likely not an issue. I didn’t notice any atrophy until about the 3 month mark, where I was down by about 20%. Long term I’m down by about 35%.

Disclaimer: 2 weeks isn’t long enough for a TRT trial. It’s doing to take several weeks to a few months to notice the benefits.

You are not shut down after two weeks on TRT, it takes longer to shut a man down.

Why would even consider trying it for only 2 weeks?

He just wanted to see if he could handle stabbing himself with a needle. So whats next? What did you like or not like? I tried out the year 2020 for 90 days and I want my money back too. This year sucks.

No. But two weeks is not “trying” TRT. More like three month.

No. However, two weeks is a waste of your time. Although you may start to feel better within that time, you can draw zero conclusions as to what long term TRT would be like.

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I don’t notice that reduction in size, to be honestly I did not even thinked about it before, so I probably atrophyed and dis not even see or remember…

Probably not, though coming off of TRT is hell. It may take a couple of weeks for your HPTA to kick in. Generally, it’s not something you want to start and stop on a trial basis. You should be willing to commit to a lifetime medication before starting.