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TRT for Over 9 Months


Sup fellas, I've been on TRT for over 9 months. I didn't have a baseline labs, except for total t, which was 249 ng/dl. Thanks goes out to the Veteran affairs, thats who my primary doc belongs to. Anywho, he immediately put me on test injections, 250mg every two weeks. yada yada yada.

I found this site, read a lot of stuff that said that my doc should have taken other steps to ensure what was causing the problem, etc. Well he is gone now and I have a new doc and we're gonna try and do this the right way. Well, sort of. She told me to stop injecting T, with no cycle off support or anything, just to stop taking it. lol, wut? I commented that I don't believe thats a very smart move, she said it'd be fine. So, My last injection of 125mg was one week before my labs (forgot to mention that I took it into my own hands to inject once a week vs. once every two weeks). So, I go get blood drawn, 12 viles...woah!, she tests for several things, of the levels that were tested was total test of 248.98 ng/dl, prolactin 6.13 ng/dl, FSH 3.72 ng/dl and LH 5.03 ng/dl. There are a bunch more levels, I can post more that you may think are relevant. She did not test free test.

Now, the whole reason why this was brought up once again is because I asked to see an endo, because I know you can take test and also, be fertile if you use appropriate protocols. We are trying to get pregnant. The endo for some reason looked at this as a fertility problem and said to stop taking test. lol, wut? So, I talked to my doc. I told her that you can pursue having kids while being on TRT. She said that the VA does not have fertility docs and she is unfamiliar with such protocols that can be used while being on TRT. So, my options are to continue TRT and not have kids or stay off TRT and try to have kids.

So, any comments? The only reason why I go to the VA is because its free. I can go to another public doc. Maybe I can request to see an endo again, except this time it'll be for hypogonadism or whatever?


oh and I have read the stickies before. Need to refresh my memory on them, I'll read again in the mean time.


Sorry I don't have any answers for you, just a question. Did you have to prove that your low T was service-connected, in order to get treatment through V.A.? Are you a disabled vet? I am a vet as well and it never even crossed my mind to try and seek treatment through V.A.

It can be really hard to find a doc who will put you on a proper protocol. The place I'm going now is an E.D. clinic that dabbles in TRT and honestly, I feel like they don't have much idea of what they're doing...they refused to prescribe me HCG and wondered why I wanted my E2 tested, just for a couple of examples. If my E2 is high on my next labs and I can't get an AI, I'm firing them. it sucks that often times, we have researched TRT more than the Docs that prescribe it to us. We're at their mercy.


You have to be a certain percentage, I believe over 50%, in order to receive treatment for non-service connected problems.


do you ahve regular insurance?

can you find a local HRT doc through a local compounding pharmacy?

can you get tests for Estradiol, TSH, Cortisol, etc. etc. etc. per the blood test sticky?


Yes. I've been trying to avoid this process, because, the current process is free.

Probably. I've been trying to avoid this process, because, the current process is free.

Yes. If I push the issue. I'm gonna see if I can go see a VA endo. If he does no good, then, I'll seek another HRT doc.


Thanks for the reply, Jester. That is what I suspected.