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TRT for My Dad

My dad is 79 and has basically late stage COPD and is on oxygen almost 24 hours a day. His quality of life is very poor and it’s sad to see. I don’t think he has another 5 years so I’ve been thinking why not get on TRT to have more energy and possibly build up lung function and strength. He has had prostate cancer before but at this point the COPD is Probably going to kill him before prostate cancer. Thoughts? Thanks.

I personally would not. You see all the trouble 30 year olds have dialing in???

Maybe have him see a different Dr that can review his conditions and change or review to make sure he is taking the right meds and dosages.

I would look into it. While not many, I do have a few patients with COPD. Whether there is a direct relationship, or indirect, low testosterone is common in men with COPD. TRT will improve their strength, help reduce visceral fat and improve pulmonary function.

Testosterone may increase RBCs. COPD patients do not perfuse oxygen well and increasing RBCs is beneficial for them. Of note, some COPD patients present initially with pretty high RBC, hgb and hct levels. Fortunately, I have a patient who is a pulmonologist (specializes in pulmonary oncology) who can help with these individuals. I’m a little leery of putting a guy with an hct of 58% on TRT, but we’ve done it with good results. They gain some weight, some muscle, they’re stronger, they can exercise some, and feel better overall.

There as some studies, they’re not great, that show TRT to be beneficial in COPD patients.

You’ll likely need a TRT specialist though. The status of his prostate cancer may impact any treatment.

Good luck.

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