TRT for ED - 47 Year old Male

Hello Everyone…First post here…

I’m a 47 year old man that has had trouble with ED for about 5 years and pills don’t seem to help all that much…

Toal T was tested at 375 so I’m considering TRT…

Seems to me that TRT really helps libido…Does it also help function?

It certainly can, depending on actual causes, etc.
I think you should now get some more complete labs done. Total test is fine, but free test is where the rubber meets the pavement and is more indicative of you’re real level.

so I’d run another set of tests with the following
Total T
free T

If you want more info on your thyroid
Free T4
Free T3
Reverse T3
And maybe a couple of others I can’t think of right now.

Other optional tests


Some of this you may have had done if you’ve had a physical recently. How much of the pills does it take to get things going, I know I still need 100mg viagra a lot of the time to get there, but I’m still working on dosing and have a lot of weight to lose.

Which leads to, what’s your general level of fitness, overweight?

It definitely helps libido a lot but it took a while (for me at least) before it had that effect. Don’t expect immediate results.

Thanks for the response…

I’m 6’2"…240 lbs…Fairly muscular as I have been lifting most of my life…Probably about 19% body fat right now.

The whole idea of doing compound weightlifting to boost T levels is a farce…I’ve been doing squats, deads, incline and press for years and my T level is still at 375…

I have to say…I was excited about the prospect of TRT…But reading these boards has me skeptical and depressed. Seems like a bunch of unhappy/confused dudes.

Keep in mind it’s disproportionate. Plenty of people are perfectly happy with their 100mg a week and never get on the internet to join a forum to talk about it working great for them. Lots of members here are only here because they were still having issues and were trying to find out why on their own

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The most dramatic improvement I got from TRT was libido and function. It comes and goes with stress and eating habits as it should. But I feel 18 again in that department. So far not really any negatives from starting TRT besides the cost. Injections are pretty non-intrusive and painless once you get over the hurdle of being able to stab yourself.

It could also be that all the things you’re doing right has kept your levels up where they are. If you were closer to a typical american, things would be a lot worse or happened a lot sooner.

Clinical studies have consistently shown that TRT improves ED in about 50% of men.


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Mostly men who are having problems are on these forums seeking answers, the guys who go on TRT and do well have no need to be on these forums.

Your TT levels are indeed low, FT is the active portion of testosterone. Getting TRT with TT 300> may prove difficult because the endocrine society recommends TRT to men <300, but can be prescribed above this value if TRT is expected show a health benefit.

T will help but ED is a canary in the mine for heart disease. T improves cardiovascular function and helps against diabetes, two big contributors to ED. Check for diabetes and heart function first, though T will help with both. I was at a sexual medicine conference in Nashville a few months ago and these were a lot of recurring themes at the conference.

About to be 47 myself and just finished year 1 of trt. Still have a ways to go especially working with a pcp. Made a great change in me in the beginning now we need to work on some fine tuning. ED was and is sometimes still an issue. Currently running 100mg test cyp once a week and tadalafil multiple times a week. Had a good run going in the bedroom but then the wife has been having some medical issues so its been over a month. im now taking less cialis (weekends for just incase). All in all so far i do not regret starting trt i was 40lbs heavier and on blood pressure meds a year ago.

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Thanks for all the responses …very helpful…

My urologist told me that he could not prescribe TRT at my 375 level…Then he said “It would probably make you feel better but so would cocaine and I can’t prescribe that to you”…

I laughed but then later thought that was kind of a jerk thing to say to me…I wish i would have told him that my body doesn’t need or produce cocaine like it does T…Oh well…I had a George Constanza “jerk store” come back i couldn’t use. lol

I’m trying to take a low dose daily Cialis to see if it improves anything…I’ve read some studies saying that long term use can actually help T to E ratio and ED…so we shall see.

I’m terrified to get the ole heart check…I’m fearful if that is my problem that there is no coming back.

One of the issues with using the standards for low T is that you could be way below what your body functions well at, but not enough to get insurance to pay for it. You may want to see if they will prescribe Clomid or some other estrogen blocker which will improve your free T which is the most important number. What was your estrogen at a high level?

Estradiol was 17?

Free T was 11?

T4 was 5.5?

This should be a giant red flag to you. He is focused on numbers and not how u feel. Get another doc or find a trt clinic.

Your E is good but free T should be above 13. Mine was below 250 and insurance covered it. They kept increasing the dose until my free T was above 13. I am 56 so a bit older.

This unfortunately is the world we live in where doctors aren’t they own masters anymore, the insurance company, the one paying the majority of medical bill’s calls the shots.

I’m not sure I would feel good on cocaine, I can’t even stand how I feel consuming alcohol. What a condescending jerk.

Your only choice is to look for a doctor into anti-aging and/or sports medicine doctor who doesn’t have insurance companies breathing down their necks prescribing necessary treatments to bring your health back to a healthy state.

You probably won’t even need ED drugs once you get your testosterone levels elevated. T4 is low, but T4 is inactive.

If you have $150/month to spend and want to get on TRT email me (in bio) and I’ll connect you with my doc. You’ll be on it tomorrow. There’s plenty of docs out there that will prescribe you TRT at those levels & age and most will do it over the phone so find one. The guys that are depressed & having issues on TRT usually have other shit going on that they haven’t addressed or either aren’t patient enough to give things enough time to work before changing shit. That will become very apparent the more you visit the forum.