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TRT for 6 Months, Levels Increasing...

Hey gang,

First post but longtime reader and wanted to thank EVERYONE for the great advice/info!

After switching doctors a few times due to learning more about this process than they had, I have finally found a place that specializes in TRT and HCG. They have been great so far and I am now on a weekly 200mg shot, once a week. My Test levels have risen from the mid-200s to the mid-400s (still low for 33) but my sex drive is still weak at best.

Any recommendations on what levels to have checked next? I work out 4-5 times a week, am pretty healthy and am getting SUPER frustrated that my libido has disappeared over the last 12 months. Thanks in advance for all help!!! JH

No one…?

[quote]Montecito7 wrote:
No one…?[/quote]

Free T, SHBG and E2 come to mind. All of those go into the equation that effect libido. Others more learned than me may care to add. All the T and HCG in the world won’t do you any good of your E2 is too high. It will kill your libido. I know from personal experience.

Read the stickeys. Come back when you have. You’ll have questions, thats fine, but at least show us you are putting in some effort to be a contributing member of the board.

You can start by clarifying when you had your bloodwork done after your last shot. I suspect a full week. 400 is piss poor for a man on TRT, and ridiculously low for 200 mg/week. You can start by increasing your injection frequency to twice a week. This will create more steady levels and reduce estrogen conversion.