TRT for 5 months and Still Learning

I’m 45, and had all the text book symptoms of low T, got tested by my Urologist at 8:30 a.m. and came back with 372 T level. He asked about morning wood and my libido and sent me on my way with a sample pack of Viagra and Cialis and said I was in the normal range.

I still felt like crap, so I decided to research things myself and ran across this site. After reading the stickies I decided to find a new doc. I went to my General Practitioner because I needed a referral to another Urologist. He also did a physical and drew blood and my T level came back 222. Again , within the normal range was the diagnosis. Their lab was 180-700. I explained my gas tank is empty and I need to fix this ,its effecting my quality of life.

Finally get a referral to Doc number 3, Explain my symptoms and he said we will do Labs to confirm and the DRE exam as well. Did the DRE exam and he explained my options for TRT and I chose injections once per week.
He injected first dose in office and wrote a prescription for Cypionate injecting 0.5cc of 2000 MG/10 ML. once per week. The only reason he started the injections without the labs was due to the 2 hour drive I had to make to see him.

Labs did come back with low T, 220 this time. PSA was good, FSH /LH also normal.

I have had 2 follow up appointments and new labs done once. After three months on TRT , I had a T level of 460. I felt better than before but it was a roller coaster ride with one injection per week. I asked about checking my estrogen levels but he would not test. I also asked about my testicles shrinking and taking a aromatase inhibitor. You don’t need any of that he replied. I went armed with the injection protocol printed to solidify my case, I handed it to him and he still refused. After this visit I decided to follow KSMAN’s advice and inject the same dosage but split into 2 injections per week for the last 2 months. The roller coaster is now gone and I feel good most of the time.

I’m set for my next follow up and Labs in Feb 2016. My libido has been dang near zero. Which is once again effecting my self esteem. So I decided to pay for my own labs.

Test 783
LH 0.2
Estradiol 55.8

I cant seem to get a prescription from my Dr for an AI. has anyone else had this same issue and if so how did you fix it.

Try Grapeseed extract and see if that helps. I’m on 150mg per week and my E2 is typically below 20 without an AI. I know there isn’t a lot of research on the Grapeseed, but there is some. I’m not sure if I just don’t need an AI or if the Grapeseed is working. It’s worth a shot. You clearly know the E is a problem, so good luck. I suspect you will get other, more knowledgeable advice.

Google liquid anastrozole and medicate yourself.

Have you seen these stickies?

  • advice for new guys
  • protocol for injections
  • things that damage your hormones
  • finding a TRT doc <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Where are you located? Someone might suggest something.

Do not test LH/FSH, it will be zero.

CBC with hematocrit

Thanks for the help.

I did google Liquid anastrozole came up with quite a few. Any brand better than the other that you might recommend?

I have read and continue to read the stickies you mentioned. As far as finding a new DR. no luck . Made several calls and all say the same thing, “not accepting new patients at this time”

I live 1 1/2 hour north of Atlanta

My current urologist will not give me a copy of my labs. I have tried since starting TRT, " Results are loaded online to your Patient Portal , and you can access anytime and print if needed" That all sounds good but they never put any of your records online.

My last labs did include CBC Differential/ Platelet
Hematocrit 49.3

TSH before TRT - 1.76
FT before TRT 100.3
PSA 0.4- Day I Started TRT and checked again 3 months on TRT and was told by DR PSA was good.

I will have to ask for the DHEA-S when I get my next labs

HTC=49.3 is a problem. Typically lower with low T.
TRT may push HTC too high.
Other CBC data?
Men should avoid vitamins with iron and iron fortified foods [cereals, breads]

TSH=1.79 is getting high. Should be closer to 1.0
The lab ranges are misleading.
If you are not using iodized salt and/or vitamins listing iodine+selenium, that can elevate TSH
You may be feeling cold easier, lethargic or depressed.
See the thyroid basics sticky and check body temps as suggested.

Are these correct:
LH 0.2
Please add lab ranges.

Need lab ranges for all of your labs, please repeat.