TRT for 11 Months

Hello all,

I’m 27 and am needing help deciding what to do about my TRT. After having many symptoms of low T I finally went to the doctor back in 2016. After several labs and trying various things with diet etc, my doctor decided the best bet was going on TRT. At the time I was under a lot of stress and quite honestly depressed. He felt that in order to turn things around I had to get the T back to normal. I agreed and we began T replacement in December.

At the time when I first went to the doctor my labs were as follows:
Total T : 495 ng/dl
Free T : 3.9 pg/ml
LDL : 95 mg/dl
HDL : 86 mg/dl
Trig : 48 mg/dl
AST : 23 IU/L
ALT : 22 IU/L
Glucose: 93 mg/dl
Hemoglobin A1C : 5.3%
DHEA : 183 ng/dl
TSH : 1.92 uIU/ml
T4 Free : 1.5 ng/dl
Reverse T3 : 20.1 ng/dl
Thyroid Peroxidase : 11 IU/ml
Triiodothyronine Free : 2.6 pg/ml
LH : 3.7 mIU/ml
FSH : 3.5 mIU/ml
Estradiol : 10.9 pg/ml
Prolactin : 7.1 ng/ml
Progesterone : 0.6 ng/ml
CRP : 0.17 mg/l
Magnesium : 5.3 mg/dl
Vitamin D : 31.1 ng/ml

In my early 20’s low T was definitely not an issue. I was very athletic and had pretty decent strength. 550lb deadlift, 450 squat, 320 bench. I quit working out for several years before low t symptoms. I gained a ton of weight because of bad eating and lifestyle habits. I went from an athletic 215 to a fat 255.

In late 2014 I decided to diet and get control of my health. Not knowing much about diet, I cut my food intake drastically and began doing high intensity interval training. I lost a ton of weight over the next 18 months or so going from 255 - 180. During this time I began noticing low t symptoms and developed stomach issues.

I believe that the diet played a crucial role in dropping my T levels. After being on TRT I have been back in the gym and am making great strength and size gains. I feel much better and my life has definitely improved.

Honestly though, I just dont like the thought of my nuts not making their own T. Its one thing if they can’t and I will come to terms with that but I’m not convinced they can’t I would really like to give my body one more shot at making T on its own.

My current protocol is 1/2 cc of 100mg cypionate per week divided into two doses. The day after each injection I take 1/3 of .25mg anastrozole(this has been a work in progress to find the right dose) We tend to either be too high or too low.

Any thoughts on trying a restart?

It’s my belief that once your hormones start dropping it’s already too late, your body parts have already shown their weak hand and that’s it. I haven’t known many who have had a successful restart, it’s rare anyone stays optimal after a restart. There’s no point in preserving sub optimal T levels unless you want to live a miserable low T life, optimal is better. Usually you get labs 4-6 weeks after you start TRT, have you any labs after starting TRT? Also I noticed your doctor failed to run the most important test of all, SHBG. Knowing where that is will help determine what dose and how often you require shots, SHBG is what hands out the cards regulating free T and gets T to work.