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TRT for 10 wks, Test is Through the Roof

I had been doing 150/wk Cyp for 6 weeks and just got my tests back 4 weeks ago…just a touch under 900 and feeling pretty good.

Dr felt I was a bit high so said get them tested again in 1 month. Latest results 1 month later, same amount per week (150 cyp) and my Testosterone levels are 1140.

Is this crazy or normal? Does it take a few months for test levels to level off? What should I expect and is this in fact too high?

Doc said he wants me to cut back to 125/week FWIW.

All feedback is appreciated.

43 yrs old
5’ 11" 190lbs very little body fat
Prior to TRT total test was @ 480
*Taking nothing else

First we need to know what the range of your test is. Second, we need to know when you were tested. Was it right before your weekly shot, right after, someplace in the middle?

The test was done 4 days after my shot and my starting range was 480 (prior to TRT) 6 weeks later it was just under 900…4 weeks later it’s 1140

Was that 4 days for both tests?

There is nothing wrong with TT=1040. If E2 levels are up, life can suck and SHBG goes up. TT is mostly SHBG bound T which is inert. If SHBG increases, TT will, as well. You really need to be looking at FT or bio-T to judge your levels. Many knowledgeable docs do not test TT, only FT or bio-T.

Some labs have higher TT ranges than others. Docs get stuck in the normality rut.

Read the ‘protocol for injections’ sticky. You need to test serum E2 and use anastrozole to moderate E2 levels. You need to be injecting hCG to prevent TRT induced organ failure [atrophied testes]. Get the doc on-board with the serum E2 test. If you cannot get that, run the labs yourself.

Are you injecting once a week?

What are your symptoms. You need a doc that treats your symptoms and not you lab numbers.

150mg/wk is a higher dose for TRT.

^^^^^^^Listen to the expert.

Yes it was 4 days after injection for both labs.
Injecting once a week
Symptoms were textbook for low Test…feeling waaaaaaaaay better after almost 3 months of TRT
I will go back to the Doc and tell him I want E2 and Total Test included in next labs…thx for the advice
I am not taking anastrozole or HCG…are these really necessary? I have read conflicting reports. My boyz are good and no gyno so should I take an anti E and HCG?
What should I be looking for as far as a healthy number - total test?

Further to my last post and anti E + HCG…with a low dose like 125 - 150 is it really necessary? I understand the need for AS cycles.

Read the ‘protocol for injections sticky’