TRT for 1 Year - Getting Big

I know this sounds ridiculous to some, but I’ve been on TRT for a year now and I’m putting on muscle that “I don’t think I’ve earned!” I’m 5’10" and went from 166 to 179 in 3 months. Older brother abused anabolics for many, many years so I’m kinda sensitive toward his abuses.

I’m 44 and my T was tested last year at 285. My most recent test showed 640 and doc wants to up my dosage from 120mg to 150mg to get me in the upper 700’s. E2 is fine in the 20’s.

I work out 5-6 days a week lifting, biking, running and swimming. I’ve done that for years at a pretty high intensity with little results. Over a matter of 2 months on TRT, without changing my workouts I gain 13-14 pounds of muscle and lose a couple pounds of fat.

Doc tells me that it’s not an “anabolic effect” but my preprogrammed genetics.

Question is this … Can one guy with a level in the 600s gain more of an anabolic benefit than another guy -or, in other words- is my natural state supposed to be lower than 600, and being in the 600s maybe given me something for free? Or should I just forget it and enjoy my gains!? Is it really just my genetics??

Sounds like you have low SHBG, which gives your body more of the test that you are injecting to use (free unbound test). If your SHBG was high, you would require more T to achieve muscle growth, good libido and feelings of well being.
If you are happy with your results (sounds like you are), stick with the current dose, adding more would increase the chances of unwanted side effects.

I am a few years older than you. If your T is in the 640s and E2 is in 20’s you are doing VERY well for a 44 year old. Well above normal. Your ratio of T/E is around 30 which is great for your age. As PKNY mentioned you are likely fortunate to have lots of Free T (no conversion to E2) … without the use of AI drugs.

Your getting gains, levels are ideal, you feel great - don’t up the dose. Stay as is.

I suspect every guy has a natural T levels, regulated by other hormones (LH/FSH) which control production. One guys 600 is NOT the same for another guys 600. Further is not just T - but Free T and E2 levels which work on gains. Your E2 is good, probably helped by your lower percent body fat from intense workouts.

I recently began controlling my E2. My T levels have risen a bit to 670, but I don’t think that’s not whats helping too much - it is by lowering E2 and raising Free T - I am seeing gains come which I had not experienced previously in my life. So just looking at T levels is not the explanation.