TRT Failure and High Anxiety

Sorry know your busy but wondering if you saw the labs you asked about? Thanks

FWIW, I tested at 28 ng/mL in November of 2016 and started supplementing with 10,000 iu a day. Tested again in November of 2017 and it came in at 61 ng/mL.

How does your new protocol work with your anxiety?

I have been on TRT since 2013 , blood work showed level at 130
doc put me on 200 mg once a week, read doc crislers blog which recommended splitting the dose to twice a week for a more balanced approach, worked like a champ, felt like I was 20 again, libido was like when I was 17 , wife was running the other way when she saw me LOL
So at 1 ml of 200 mg strength per week I was testing around 800 feeling like I could conquer the world, then this past 2 years high anxiety started setting in with two middle of the night actual panic attacks, doc wanted me to stop the T , so I did for 21 day , nothing changed.
so he RX a benzo to keep the anxiety monster at bay.
The anxiety is no joke, one of the anxiety attacks turn into a full blown panic attack, BP rose to 265/165 heart rate 180, the doc pumped 6 MG of liquid ativan into my wrist to get my BP down, so now I am getting thyroid checked and other tests too.
The doc does not think it’s the Test C

I had 2 mope late night anxiety tunned panic in the middle of the night , I was able to turn it round by taking a benzo so I didn’t have to go to th hospital.

Anyone here of such a case?
Thanks for reading

Sometimes TRT is not always the cause of problems that develop later in life. Take it from someone who knows, bezos can be hell to taper off, was on bezos for 30 years and it can create dependency.

It’s why I’m on TRT in the first place.

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Im not sure if you’re still around. Some of these labs looks similar to mine. I’ve felt significantly better mentally, albeit weaker and small lowering my trt dose doen to just 30mgs twice per week.

Your tsh is slightly high, your rt3 is quite high and your dhea s could be higher.

I’d suggest getting a Dr to prescribe you t3, which will reduce your tsh and rt3, trying to lower your trt dose and taking 25 mg of dhea before bed. Also start taking a vit d3 supplement with k2.

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What are your levels at that dose? And have you moved up dosing? How’s your anxiety?

I haven’t had them tested yet. They’re being scheduled in a month. Still at 30 mgs every 3 days. Anxiety is much better. My thinking feels clearer.
Ive dropped some muscle but some fat also. I’m also taking magnesium glycinate throughout the day as well.