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TRT Facts - Beyond Bro-Science

Hi guys,

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to make a post simply to point to one video, but the video that we did regarding bro-science yesterday was so detailed and covers much of what you guys discuss here that I believed it would benefit the majority of you if I shared it. We went into great detail in regards to dose, protocols, estrogen/E2 which frequently comes up here.

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Delete, ban, burn at the stake


To me a discussion of bro-science is just fine. This is just using the video as a launching point for the discussion. That’s my perspective, anyway.

That’s what I thought. I was curious if any of you watched it and if you had any comments. The part about estrogen was especially interesting.

I haven’t as yet, was traveling.
I’ll watch in the morning and post up some comments.

I thought Dr. Jorden Grant is remarkable, Gil T is on the same level. I thought Dr. Grant explanation of how different sites in the body needing different conversion rates of aromatase was eye opening.

I also thought their take on HCG was interesting that some guys will need it for ejaculation and testicle shrinkage pain/issues. I’m particularly interested in the belief that HCG may not do that much for backfilling the pathways as we originally thought.

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I am a fan of him too. Seems to be down to earth, open minded and knowledgeable. Not a common combo for a MD.

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Going forward, it’s best to keep your videos in one ongoing thread rather than new threads for each vid.

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Is there an audio only download option through youtube? Or do you release this on an audio platform? Id love to listen to it rather than watch it. I don’t have an hour to sit and watch video as much as I’d like to.

Not right now. However, just Google something like “Youtube audio rip”. You’ll find sites where you can enter the URL of a YouTube video, it will extract the audio and allow you to download an MP3 file.

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Your video is long, the last 15 minutes should have been cut. You guys sound like bitches even addressing this other dr you refused to mention. Doing so now prompts them to attack you further because you know they watched the video. Constantly nagging on someone without mentioning them is what females do.

As for the info, very nice. I just got tested yesterday and I’m waiting to see how low my E is. My dr wants me at a low number and I had been resisting. Even on AI, I was not crashed and I think it was because I was injecting hcg. I stopped hcg and upped the AI just to see. Libido gone, irritated beyond belief, shorter temper… The good news is now that I got the labs done, I can stop the AI and go back on hcg. My dr is concerned with water retention? He is stuck in his ways. I’m okay with it because I get plenty of what I really want.

When asking a guy how they feel, it would be wise to ask if they are sexually active. I went 1 year without due to a stressful divorce. So I was only thinking of body composition when answering how I felt. Now that I’m busting ass, my answer would be different. I had no major problems before trt/ai. Now I have issues.

All this to say, everyone is an individual. People take other things beside TRT. People have/don’t have sex lives. It all comes into play. I appreciate that the drs mentioned individuality. Overall, I think it was an excellent video minus the end…

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We actually tried REALLY hard to keep it as short as we did. Offline we said we could have made that video into several hours if we really wanted to. There is so much to discuss just on these topics alone.

I explained why I was calling out that one doc. Most people have figured out who it is. He’s done several videos contesting the content we post so I figured it was about time to call him out on his BS.

Don’t even acknowledge the haters.

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Lol! I try to ackknowledge everyone. Any feedback is good feedback, unless of course the guy just says “All your videos suck”. I just felt this one in particular would have been extremely helpful to you guys.

I wish my trt doc would watch it. But he wouldn’t. Doctors are arrogant.

Also, I don’t think the title is valid. I didn’t see you guys address bro-science except for t-nation. Maybe “Beyond Bro-Science “ for a title.


I changed the title HERE at your request… but the YouTube stuff I leave up to Steven.


Not being a fan of @dbossa’s personality but he really manages to put great content out there and finds great doctors.
I liked particularly the HCG content in this video

Step one: Start the video on this page. Then right click it and select “copy video URL”
Step two: Go to www.y2mate.com , paste the above copied link in the box, click start, choose “audio” and presto you have audio links in various formats


2 great videos for you guys:

Part 1 of my Q&A with Dr Eric Serrano

Interview with Broderick Chavez


Will this benefit me at all if I just do hcg and not try?