TRT Facilitators Near Me

Hello Everyone,

After a long pause for various reasons, I’m back. So much has changed in terms of “providers” out there. I’m talking about TRT clinics.

Can anyone recommend any TRT providers? In other words, which providers run the appropriate tests, which provide appropriate medications and which do appropriate followup testing and at appropriate frequency? Which provide the correct focus (IE, doing TRT w/o considering Thyroid type issues not a pragmatic approach).

I’m in the Bay Area and it used to be that only one place that has been around for a while offered in home testing and followup. Now there are many.

Previously, I identified a couple of doctors in the area that could help me but the ramp up was long and I think I’d rather go with a TRT provider.

Can anyone give any suggestions? Thank you.

Defy Medical.

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+1 for Defy, but if it applies to you - it will be tricky to get Statins if that is something you’re looking for. Can still be done, but cannot be shipped to Cali (unlike almost everything else Defy offers).

I think it is just going to be Test. Cyp., anastrozole, and HCG. The HCG would be to keep things sized as they currently are but not a show stopper at this point of my life. Appreciate the feedback. I was considering Defy and 1 or two others but havent decided.

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