TRT Experiences

I’m 2 weeks in. Increase in energy and sex drive have been noticeable and welcome. My wife (and myself) have noticed I’m less patient and more irritable. I have to consciously work against it which is challenging. Also, sometimes I get hit with almost super hyperactive where it feels like my adrenaline kicked in.

This all par for the course?

Currently on 50mg per week. Will adjust up if needed but it feels like plenty at the moment.

TT 315 (250-950)
FT 53 (35-155)
Estradiol 17 (>29)
TSH .80 (.40-4.5)

LH 5.4 (1.5-9.3)
FSH 4.0 (1.6-8.0)

There is your problem, your weekly dosage is ridiculously low. My suggestion is get out from under the care of your clueless doctor. I can tell you there are no members on T-Nation on 50mg weekly, it would keep our testosterone levels low.

You’ll need at least twice your current dosage or more. Standard of care for TRT is 200mg every 2 weeks, so that’s about 100mg weekly.

It sounds like your doctor is nervous and probably has no experience prescribing TRT.

First shot gave me some bad anxiety for a couple days. I’m all for what will work, but wouldn’t that just increase side effects?

I tried EOD this past week, but still ran into the same side effects of irritability and adrenaline rushes.

This tells me a lot, there are some guys who are very sensitive to androgens and will not do well on even moderate doses, these men need microdosing very frequently. T-cypionate causes unnatural spikes in testosterone and estrogen, this is probably what you are feeling.

I dose 7-10mg daily and notice zero side effects, it’s almost like I’m on natural testosterone. However EOD was a bit more intense and more side effects than daily injections. The smaller more frequent the dosage, the least amount of side effects.

You should be using 27-29 gauge insulin syringes, this makes daily injections a breeze.

Sometime after week 4 (when your natural T stops producing) you’re going to wish you were doing more than 50mg/week. Right now you’re running on what little natural T you normally make plus the 50mg. Pretty soon it’ll just be the 50mg so how you feel now won’t be how you feel then. Plus regardless you aren’t going to feel amazing the first 6 weeks anyway no matter what you do until your body gets acclimated. If 50mg seems too much at once then do smaller more frequent doses. Whatever gets you doing what you need to do. 100mg is a starting point. For example I do 200mg/week. Not saying you should do that, I’m just saying doubling what you’re doing now is still a small amount.


No one does TRT at 50mg a week and 85-90% of guys take 150-200mg once a week with zero side effects. Given that 200mg every other week is typically recommended by PCPs, endos and urologists, it is surprising you were started at 50 per week.

You are going to need more and if you cannot tolerate regular dosing you will have to split it up.

I’ll aim for 100mg. Does the irritability, adrenaline, and anxiety dissipate as the 6 week mark approaches?

It does if you levels are not excessively high and if levels are not swinging too much, but just because your levels stabilize at 6 weeks, it takes 8 weeks for things to settle down.

When my levels swing, I feel it and low testosterone symptoms return on and off.