TRT Estrogen and Arimidex

I’ve been on trt for 10+ years now and have always had issues with estrogen balance.

Taking 125mg testosterone propionate weekly
Divided into EOD shots subq

It’s obviously difficult to tell high E2 from Low E2 symptoms, but I’ve got a handle on which ones are which now for me. The problem is finding a middle ground long term.

I wrote off arimidex years ago after crashing E2 but recently decided to try it again after getting bloodwork, and seeing my Estradiol levels were high. (top end of the range).

I started with a low dose of arimidex of 0.25mg twice weekly and notice immediately during the first week low estrogen symptoms.

My question is will my body stabilize and adjust to this dose since it seems to be quite low and a starting point for most people and it’s hard to believe it could be crashing my Estrogen or is it simply too much for me personally and I should go down to 0.125 twice weekly?

You should either try 0.050 anastrozole or 1/10 aromasin twice weekly.

Yeah I was thinking about either doing this or going over to cypionate for a more constant / stable release of testosterone which would hopefully result in less estrogen conversion than the spikes propionate causes. The only other solution would be ED injections with propionate which would be a little annoying long term.

Have you tried DIM? It doesn’t work for everyone, but if you do respond to it, it’s MUCH less aggressive than an AI.

Yeah, I’ve tried Dim before as well. I pretty much gave up on anti estrogens since I never felt well when using, but decided to give it another try.

Natural methods first.

Lose weight.
Warm lemon water
Cruciferous vegetables.

I personally use vitamin D right now to keep my E2 in control. I am a special case though.

My vitamin D is always above 50ng/ml
I follow dr mercola instructions i take around 10,000iu around five times a week.

I find it interesting that it can lower E, I will start reading about this, maybe that’s why My E is always in that 15-20 range

Just type in “vitamin D lowers estrogen” in one study they even stated that it could possibly be used as a replacement for anastrazole in women with breast cancer.

I did a little test and confirmed that it does lower it for me at least.

Trough E2 was at 46

Did vitamin D at 5k iu a day for 5 days, felt off, took e2 again. It was at like 35 on my peak. So it should have been higher.

Interesting, I have been taking v d for the past 5 years with high dosages. I am always above normal.
However my psa is 1.4, for a guy 38yr that’s not really impressive.
Also just ready an article about possible link for high v d and prostate cancer. But it’s not 100% there are contradicting papers.
I don’t really know if it’s good or bad anymore

Low vitamin D was linked with prostate enlargement and cancer.

I will conti reading about this thanksss

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You know what else cause Prostate enlargement and prostate cancer? High E2.

Yea I read a lot about it, but having a psa 1.4 at my age I am very healthy workout daily, is something annoying I would expect a bit less, which makes me think is that high vitamin D did that ?

Yeah I’ve tried most of these. I’m at about 10% bodyfat, so I don’t think that’s the problem. I did just order some vitamin d so I will be interested to see if that makes a difference. On a side note, you feel good with e2 around 45?

I have been reading some posts where some people are saying aromasin is more forgiving than arimidex and it won’t crash your estrogen as easily. I was under the impression that aromasin has a shorter half life and is irreversible ai so I thought it would in practice be stronger than arimidex. Am I missing something with the mechanism of action or is it because of the shorter half life maybe?

It’s all irreversible. It binds a receptor. You make new ones. It’s not going to cause any permanent overall change.

I didn’t mean it would cause permanent damage but maybe a difference in how it makes you feel short term while the drug is in your system.

Arimidex is a nightmare. I don’t know if its just me or what but i’m down to .0001 of a pill yes thats 1/10000ths of 1mg pill every day and i’m still crashing hard.

Don’t take it. It is obviously the wrong thing for you. You need nothing, or something different entirely.