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Recently you guys assisted me with the details of adding Tren to a Test/Mast cycle and potentially mixing esters.

Advice was much appreciated!

I just received all of the gear (Stealth) along with 80 ml's of EQ. I was strongly considering holding off on the Tren/Test/Mast cycle and instead doing TRT(local clinic) for 20 weeks along with throwing in 400 mg's of EQ (self administered) per week in addition to the 170 mg's /week of Test C the clinic will be giving me.

Can it be reasonably estimated how much the additional dose of EQ will raise my total Test levels? The clinic's preliminary bloodwork had me at 436. Anything over 900 and the clinic lowers your weekly Test C dose by 10 mg's. They would not be told about the additional EQ because no extra compounds are legally permitted outside of their predetermined TRT dosage.

Yeah, I could do it all myself but my insurance covers everything through the clinic + they provide an aromatase inhibitor and HCG along with annual bloodwork.

My Stealth EQ is basically clear when drawn from the sachets while the Test P and Mast P are more golden in color. The Tren A is still sachet bound. So what accounts for the color variants? Why is Tren sometimes red and does Tren Stealth draw red?

Thanks; I will post updates on my TRT/EQ 20 week cycle when I start next month. I know it is a light in the ass cycle. I just did not feel ready for my big one that will include Tren, perhaps next year...