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TRT Epic Fail, Need Advice


Well after almost 10 years of TRT am now forced to go off at 47…
Long story but after a series of complete incompetence I was hospitalized with Systolic congestive heart failure… healable and reversible BUT both cardiac doc, gen PT and consult from Endo all want me off T for good.

Gen prac is an awesome guy (new doc as the old one was not monitoring my blood work, my red blood count went through the roof causing the heart issue, then local hospital dropped ball twice in emergency room over a month telling me everything was just peachy) … Went to a different hospital in Reno a few days later and was admitted within 40 minutes and getting cardiac consut and testing, was in for 5 days and even had a Angiogram, CT with contrast and Xrays… Had fluid in my lungs etc… I thought and was led to believe I had bronchitis for almost a month, yeah great health care…

New Doc hooked me up with Nolvadex, and a scrip for HCG, just have to find a good place to get now, but 10 years into this, my testicles are the size of pecans so I hold not much hope…

Odd part is that last year my test numbers were only 424, but I was holding great muscle mass… so at this point no idea…

Have done reading etc, so what now? am I just going to have to resign myself to no muscle, more body fat and zero sex life because of an idiot doctor?
Or do I do the HCG/Nolva, keep my protein high and just keep pushing heavy weights?

I had my first heavy workout 2 days ago ( since I am not an ATAC patient) I was cleared to train the way I had been, and funny enough the specialists told me the fact that I did train heavy is probably what saved me.

So any advice from another that has been there or is there would greatly be appreciated…

Thank you in advance… depressed but hopeful … I was very lucky as my condition is fixable and I will be back to normal in a few months with meds and some changes, but … well you get it…


Was going to add that I felt great after my work out, it did put me down 2 days with soreness and being tired, but I have slept better than I have in a long time the past few days… I have not had a shot of Cyp 1ml in 3 weeks now…


Congestive heart failure. I had the same thing due to a CTO of the left descending ventricle artery. Now my heart surgeon and cardiologist were not at all concerned with my being on testosterone. But then I had only been on it 10 weeks so they could not blame the hearty attack on that. One was of the opinion that my slightly larger arteries due to taking test may help my recovery. Check out other opinions. But I wouldn’t just ignore your doctor, trust but verify


The nain issue is now almost no matter the dosage my hemocrite climbs. All 3 want me off of it.
They did say that all my arteries in my heart were wide open and clean though, a good thing, but the hemocrite levels also pushed my blood pressure sky high, which I did not know at the time.

I was only on .5 a week… and in 6 weeks since this all began lost about 25 lbs. it sucks.


I have more labs in 2 weeks to see if it came down on it’s own and what my numbers are. I got the Nolva and HCG as a just in case measure…


Can’t you donate blood to lower your hematocrit?


As was already said you really just need to donate blood. But at this point you’re probably taking a blood thinner and they won’t take it for free. At $75 a draw give or take, they will take it for therapeutic reasons. And that is the best way to lower your levels. My blood pressure was low so we are a bit different.