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TRT - End It or Keep It

I’m headed to asia to train extensively for 6 months to lose about 50-60 kg of fat. I’ve used TRT for quite a while as my natural levels are 8.4 nmol/L which is just 1-2 nmol from qualifying me for TRT, however I convinced my doc to give it to me anyway. Now i’m starting to regret it as I think im getting testicular atrophy, and the doctors in my home country won’t treat it with HCG, Clomid or anything like that. So I thought I may do that in asia.

I’m confused as to whether I should stick to the TRT while training hard and attempt to get my hands on anything to try to start my bodys own production again after I have lost the fat mass; Or if I should quit TRT and hope it goes back to normal within a year of heavy weight loss (According to my endocrinologist the testosterone MIGHT return to normal if I quit cold turkey and lose all the excess fat mass.) The problem is that I don’t want to have pea-sized testicles after years of TRT which seems to be what will happen, so is there anything I should do in asia - Clomid, HCG etc.?