TRT Effects on Skin

Still attempting to figure it out.

What are you taking now, both in AI and gear?

By hear do you mean testosterone??

Yes, gear, steroids, juice, and testosterone :joy:

Lol sorry man never heard it by that name but yes I’m just taking testosterone and A.I along with HCG

Have you read this thread? Our resident Endo/BBer/steroid guru has some insight on E2 levels and the use of AIs (which he is against). He advocates the use of SERMS instead.

So I looked at it but it’s just a thread with a whole bunch of peoples differnt oppion on it is there like an actual article he wrote or something.
Can you do me a favor to please and just break down to me what he is exactly trying to say with the use of seems

Ok, based on other Drs research and his work, he advocates that high estrogen in the presence of high testosterone is good. That estrogen has benefits we need and we shouldn’t use AIs. It’s only high estrogen with low testosterone is bed. Serms will block the negative effects of estrogen while allowing the positives.

Serms meaning like clomid?? So is he saying I should take a serm along with my testosterone and HCG???

Nolvadex not clomid. Clomid has too many negative sides. I don’t know if hcg is really necessary

I’m already taking HCG I’m only 30 and I still want to try to start a family. So the idea is to take novelx with testosterone cypinate along with HCG???

Or he is saying taking novelx gives someone a better chance at feeling better then testosterone

If you’re having estrogen related side effects then take nolvadex. That’s all there is to it. You’re making it too hard.

Yes, take HCG, Nolva, and T and get your hormones as fucked up as possible. Then you can go on disability, masturbate five times daily, until you reach the point that you just quit.

HCG with Test needs to be monitored closely. There is no reason to take HCG with TRT unless you are trying to have kids. If you are, I would get off the T and go with clomid and try to knock her up.

I’m on Test C 140 E7D and my labs are predictable, 650 on day seven. If I was on HCG, different story.

That being said, get a good endo.

Why do you feel like HCG with T needs to be monitored more closely. The reason why I’m asking because that is my protocol and it has been a struggle for a long time and still continuing to be a struggle. But here is the thing I’m 30 but rite now I’m not trying to have any kids currently but yes probably with in he next year I would like to start a family.

So what was your life like when you were on HCG???

But also if you don’t take HCG won’t your tests shrink a little???

The thing is the skin on my penis is changing its becoming more dry currently I’m am on 18mg ED and 10 units of HCG ED with no AI and I have no idea what the heck is changing the texture of my skin down there

I am thinking I mite have to go back on a AI but I here plenty of people saying I should be able to manage with out a A.I. I’m a pretty skinny guy. But for some reason I have been going in massive weight around my abdomen. And you can also start to notice it in my face

You just have to monitor E2 closer - the HCG will get you to make T and so your T levels are more volatile.

The biggest problem is when some one starts trt they have no patience to wait 2 months and stick to a protocol despite symptoms. They also think more is better. IMO need to start with 80-100 mg a week. Instead guys try to manage symptoms after a few days with meds and supps.

I really am not a fan of Injecting cypionate more than 2 x a week. Half life is 7-8 days. If you need or want to inject everyday you need a different Ester and consider daily gel.

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Exactly that’s one of my biggest problems and I can not for any resin figure out how to deal with it. It’s like I’m trying to figure which dosage is rite for me but it’s nearly impossible because when you change either the HCG or the Testosterone your levels change and I don’t know which one to fix first. It’s just so confusing. But nobody seems to understand this problem

That’s why I’m not on it. Granted, I have kids, don’t want more, but am beginning to have an issue with atrophy.

Oh well, whatev.