TRT Effect on Natural Production

if you take t and it effects your body’s natural production, what is generally reduced, total, free? are prolactin and estrogen affected?

TRT will suppress the HPTA and reduce GrH, FSH and LH, so yes, your natural total and therefore free testosterone will be reduced. However, it is reduced because you have exogenous testosterone in your system.

TRT will usually increase estrogen to varying levels on an individual basis.

Testosterone replacement has been reported to cause hyperprolactinemia. The aromatization of exogenous testosterone to estrogen and subsequent estrogen stimulation of prolactin release by the pituitary is a possible mechanism.

I was on TRT for two and a half years, then stopped TRT temporarily and my natural production came back online four and a half weeks after the testosterone cypionate was all out of my system.

TRT is no death sentence to your natural production unless your HPTA degrades even further while you’re on TRT.

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