TRT ED Problems

I don’t think it’s from smoking, it’s most probably hormone related. I’m thinking to come off trt at this point, I’m running 125mg I can’t really go a lot lower and there’s not a lot of other options.

No proof of this. Not in studies, not in anecdote, no where.

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Just many years of personal experience. E2 is not the devil like many would have you believe. Find what works for you though

Who said anything about it being the devil and what does that have to do with this supposed “ratio”? You have crashed E2, yes it’s a problem. Other than that there is no evidence pointing to anything “your E2 is not high enough for your TT” granted no AI is in the equation.

Don’t try to turn this into pro E2 vs anti E2 debate, that’s dishonest.

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Bro you make no sense. Just sharing my experiences. Everyone needs to find the right E2 level for them. Take care

Of course I am making sense. What experience you have? You raised your E2 by itself, just to raise it, without raising test along with it in the process?


No time for you. Take care