TRT ED Problems

I have been taking trt for a while and have had Ed for a while. I was taking 200mg but when I got bloods done around 4 weeks ago my test was very very high. I have now lowered the dose to 125mg one time a week, it’s been nearly 5 weeks and there is no change in the ED at all. ( I must note on the results my prolactin was also slightly high)

I am looking to get this sorted can anyone advise my next step, I can get bloods done again which I’m planning. However has anyone got any advice? It will be greatly appreciated

Share your blood work. Both at 200mg and at 125mg. We can’t possibly know what’s going on without it. Do you still get nocturnal erections (morning wood)? You may, but still not notice it. As least if you do, you can rule out physical disfunction.

Here are my results from 200mg, I haven’t taken bloods on 125mg yet it’s been just over 4 weeks now. Hmmm morning I still get it sometimes. But less less frequent.

Obviously, your Test is very high. Some guys don’t handle that well. E2 looks fine especially with the Test being that high. Your prolactin concerns me, its low.

Low Prolactin Is Associated with Sexual Dysfunction and Psychological or Metabolic Disturbances in Middle-Aged and Elderly Men

What would you recommend to lower prolactin? I’ve dropped the dose but feel
The same

The half-life of testosterone cypionate is 5 to 7 days, so steady states are achieved in 6 weeks not 5. It may also take longer for your body to start adapting and also utilize those hormones, but if you are constantly changing your dosage, that will never happen.

Hormones don’t work fast like prescription drugs. It doesn’t give you an instant maximum effect right away. Your gene CAG repeat number (androgen sensitivity) will determine how fast testosterone affects your tissues.

Get your hormones to the top 25 percentile or slightly higher and leave them there for six months, then come back and tell us how you’re doing.

As for your low prolactin, that very well could be your problem with erectile function, so, my next question is, do you smoke?

I have recently started but I had the problem way before. What can I do to increase my prolactin? Quitting smoking to start

Smokers tend to have lower prolactin and deranged CBC labs. You increase prolactin by abstaining from smoking for at least 6 months or maybe longer. Men typically start to see improvements at 6 months.

Daily Cialis is recommended.

This, plus e2, cortisol, thyroid, stress, these are the places I’d be looking at

But my prolactin was low before I started smoking. Regardless I’m going to stop, but is there nothing else that could be effecting this?

Smoking is known to cause ED, no way around that. I know you want your erections back right this minute, but that’s not reality.

This is the consequence of smoking.

Low prolactin can be due to an increase in dopaminergic activity.

What if any other medication‘s are you on, like an anti-convulsant?

I’m pretty healthy and not on any meds. Just testosterone, and caffeine lol. I have quit smoking today hopefully in the long run that helps. I suppose I have to be patient as it’s only been 5 weeks from my dose change, I’ll give it another two weeks and go get my bloods redone.

I do have 5000iu hcg to hand, but was trying to only take testosterone. Although in the past
I have felt amazing on hcg. Also what I was wondering if I was to stop trt, what are the chances of recovery? I’m 34 been using trt for about 2 years, I have hcg novladex to hand. If I can’t dial in I’m debating coming off. I’m aware I may not recover but it would be nice to try.

By recovery, do you mean return to low-T, and all the symptoms return, if so, why would you want that?

TRT isn’t a cure all. Just because your ED didn’t get fixed in the time frame you wanted, that doesn’t mean you don’t need optimal hormones.

Because originally I never had Ed, but yes I mean recover to my pre trt levels

This means the problems is ur hormones and not anything else that people on here seem to whien about.

SMoking wont fuck up ur cock lol, no freaking way.

Fix ur hormones, find a good balance, its ALL ABOUT BALANCE and ur cock comes back.

And yes, 99% will recover to previous levels. And ur cock most likely will come back.

More than likely yes.

Dead wrong. Other meds people fail to mention, psychogenic ED, BP issues, and other things are also common causes.

Use some tact bro.

Looking at your Test to E2 ratio, it appears you are on an AI? If so, try stopping/decreasing the AI. Your E2 is too low for that level of Test. I would suspect this is causing your problem.

If you are not on an AI, you still need to get your E2 higher relative to the Test. Lower the Test blood level to 600-700 and see if this fixes it (your Test level is not TRT - its a small cycle).

Some will laugh at this but one “experiment” to try to confirm its E2: drink some beers one night and see how your wood is in the morning. The beer will temporarily increase your E2 and, if E2 is the issue, you should see a slight, temporary improvement in wood the next morning.

I am currently on 125mg once a week however I will break that into two injections now. Any other tips on how to raise E? I do have hcg to hand