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TRT, E2 and Anastrozolone Question


OK...I have dilligently read the stickies but not sure I know the best way to move forward....

I am on 220MG (1ml) Test/Cyp weekly w/ HCG 2x weekly (200 units x 2) and the arimedex 1MG 3 days straight (so 3MG per week), 24 hours after test shot.

I asked my Dr about moving to 2 test shots weekly (splitting them up)...but not sure about what to do now about the Armidex? Furthermore it comes in capsule form not tabs...no unsure how to split it effectively.

Before starting 3-4 weeks ago, my Estradiol was 32.7 Test was 417 and free T was 14,
my e2 seems high therefore to me.

so if change my test shots, should i just do the 1mg every other day? Or any suggestions? I can add more data if anyone needs it.

In general, I am feeling TONS better, but am seeing some swings in depression on th weekly test shot near day 5 and thinking the armidex is messed up too.


You need to have steady T and E2 levels. Anastrozole needs to be matched to your T levels. With T levels peaking and dropping, things cannot be right.

You are self injecting, just change to twice a week. The only issue is enough syringes.

For 220mg T cyp per week, you need 2.0mg anastrozole per week. The half life really leads to EOD dosing. Can you open the caps?

Are you taking 220mg or 200mg? 220 per ml is really odd. Very high starting dose too.

Please read the protocol for injections sticky... and the others.

When will you get lab work done?

At day five your depression could be from falling T and certainly from very low E2.


so my E2 is low? I was thinking it was high. Maybe I have my terms confused. At any rate, I am going to move to 2x weekly test vs weekly...Dr said they would send me more syringes. As for Aramidex, I will try and split them somehow and perhaps order some tabs.

Any thoughts on the HcG interactions in any of this?

Thanks so much for all the advice/help!


With what you have been doing, your E2 would go very low for part of the week. The main point is that what you have been doing is basically wrong.

hCG: Read the protocol for injections sticky!