TRT Drs in Melbourne?

I have serious fatigue issues related to low test. I went to a GP who thought I should try t-gel but I have no interest in that. I would prefer to see someone with an actual interest in the area so that I can feel comfortable in the opinion offered. Any advice would be appreciated.

Read the stickeys and come back when you are ready to have a two way conversation.

What sticky are you referring to?
I am looking for GPs/specialists in Melbourne with an interest in TRT.
If asking for Dr. recommendations is not allowed just say so and delete the post.

Melbourne Florida? Melborune Australia? You need to be more specific sparky.

And the stickeys at the top of the main forum with bloodwork recommendatiosn, advice for new guys, etc. You need to educate yourself much better before going off to find a likely clueless GP to get treatment from.

You need to check your attitude. I have my bloodwork. I am asking for a doctor recommendation in Melbourne AUSTRALIA. It is much more conservative here and way behind in terms of andrology. If you don’t have anything useful to say don’t write anything.

You check your fucking attitude douche bag. There are more than one Melbourne on the face of planet earth and since this is 1) a US website and 2) you give no other identifying info in your post, it is hard to figure out just where you are asking about.

And I know it is conservative there and way behind in terms of andrology. THAT IS WHY I TOLD YOU TO GO READ THE STICKEYS SO YOU CAN EDUCATE YOURSELF SINCE YOU WILL LIKELY HAVE A CLUELESS DOCTOR!!!

I will write whatever I damn well want whenever I damn well please. If you don’t want to benefit from the collective knowledge and experiences of the group, then you are welcome to get the fuck out.

I waiting for some collective knowledge. It is yet to come.
So far a singular tool with nothing useful to say keeps posting garbage on my thread.

I told you to go read the stickeys and educate yourself. You do not appear to have done so, but coming from someone that lives in such a little bubble that they think there is only one Melbourne in the world I can’t say that I am too surprised.

I have 10x the knowledge that you could probably hope for on TRT and I am willing to share it with whoever asks. I’m pointing you in the right direction so you can find the information on yourself. If you are looking to be spoonfed and have your little hand held, you might want to look elsewhere.

I’m not sure what you are so butthurt about.

I don’t want your advice.
I just asked for a doctor recommendation in Melbourne.
If you don’t know of anyone, shut the fuck up.

[quote]m0b1liz3 wrote:
I don’t want your advice.

o rly?

[quote]m0b1liz3 wrote:
Any advice would be appreciated.[/quote]

But I’m done with you shitbag…enjoy being a low T whiny bitch for the rest of your life…also appear to have Estrogen issues that you might want to sort out…talk to you never

Very typical Melbournian (australia) manners. I’m am sorry (I live in this shithole too).