TRT, Dr Willing to Add Nandrolone. Expect Sides?

Good afternoon all. Currently on TRT at 140mg/week. I’ve been training 20+ years without any length of time off. Current stats are 5’7", 185lbs, bench 325, squat 475, deadlift 495. I’ve been on TRT for two years and all of the good gains have leveled out by now. I called my doc and they said that I could add Nandrolone at 150mg/week. I know this is a low dose but they said I should get results. My question is… I see a lot of deca related ED on this board. If I am taking it along side TRT at a low dose, do you think the risks are still as high?

PS. I have no access to anabolics other than those prescribed so I’m not able to increase dosages.

My doc had me on Nandrolone for 16 weeks alongside my TRT. Zero sides. Control your e2 and you’ll be fine. When guys start to run huge amounts of nandrolone is when you see ED issues popping up. But therapeutic doses are pretty unlikely to cause the dreaded side effects associated with nand.

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Do you think he would consider nandrolone phenylpropionate (NPP) vs Deca? NPP supports good gains and all the benefits of deca (joints) without the sides?

Did you see any increases in muscle mass or gains in the gym?

Maybe a marginal difference in strength, but nothing I could attribute to the nandrolone. However…got a huge libido increase and marked improvement in previously sore joints. It was exactly as advertised when it comes to joint pain relief. It made it possible to keep lifting heavier because I wasn’t in pain anymore.

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So crazy that your doc won’t up your dose but he’ll give you Deca!

There are ways to get your dose higher. You could inject less for a while, tell your doc you don’t feel as good, get bloodwork that shows a lower level, and he’ll bump you up to get your levels back where they belong. Then you raise your dose during the interval between when you get bloodwork and treat that as your “blast” and then come back to normal for your “cruise” dose when you are getting prepped for bloodwork.