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TRT Dr. In the 757?


I'm having a helluva time finding someone who has a clue. I'm 29 and have a total T of 360. Zero libido, getting a mammogram Aug 5 for gyno, cannot grow a beard to save my life, depressed at times, trouble concentrating, fleeting pain in testes etc. I went to the doc last week to get that 360. Explained why I was there, wanted to be tested for low test.

He only tested for total test and nothing else! Clueless!!! He then suggested a 1500 calorie diet emphasizing low fat and cholesterol!!!! For someone complaining about low T symptoms, wouldn't that diet make it WORSE???

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I hope this post doesn't break any board rules. Not asking for a gym source but a Doc who knows what he's talking about.