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Trt Dr in Houston


I have been to two different drs for my low testosterone levels they both seem to not be very knowledgable.I'm looking for a new dr does anyone know any good drs in houston?


There's a guy on this site who is always pimping "andrologists".

Googling Houston, here is one site I came up with: http://www.westhoustonfertility.com/services.shtml

My own experience - never been to an andrologist, but went to an endo who sucked. Went to a uro who is better. Also, occasionally get T from a sales rep for an HRT company..


Have you started reading the stickies?


www.viplongevity.com in seabrook. Dr. Holt knows his stuff.


thanks for the suggestions guys. West Houston is about a good 1+ hour drive from me and the Viplongevity clinic looks like they don't accept insurance and I can't afford 1500 for one dr visit.


Just go to a urologist. That's your best bet. If he doesn't recommend a minimum of 100mg/T a week - move on to the next one.

If you can afford it, go to an HRT sales rep who can set you up without wasting money on an expensive visit to the typical HRT clinic; The T-cyp though runs over $100 including shipping, fees, etc. You'll need to at least get a physical and a blood panel from an outside doc.


Dude I live in houston also I went a Doc Hotze healt along time ago but I no longer can afford him , I just went to my Insurance uroligist and he fixed me up with t-cyp basically for life now and Insurance pay sit all..


Andrologists are urologists with fellowships in andrology.

I don't "pimp" them. I can't see how I do considering I get no money from any of them because of my recommendation. As a matter of fact, I've given my andrologist five referrals and he never gave me any dough for them. All I got was some thanks.

www.impotencespecialists.com is good start in finding an andrologist.


I think that people get tired of this.

Yes, really good docs are a rare. However, there are good docs who do things very well who do not call themselves Andrologists who are nevertheless competent specialists. Some are working with men and some with women and men. [When a woman gets her hormone levels set right, she may then ask the doc "what can you do about my husband", and vice versa. Female HRT is more complex.]

If guys in need of TRT set out to find an Andrologist, that could easily bypass docs that can do the job well and perhaps better than the ones who use that title. Andrology is a broad field. Specializing in TRT/HRT related issues is a sub-practice and those who specialize in TRT/HRT could easily be a better choice. TRT that ignores other aspects of well-being is not a good result.

Those who practice age management focus on nutrition, supplements, hormones and preventable/correctable conditions of aging. A parallel situation, urologists whose main practice for men involves the run of the mill kidney issues and prostate problems. They deal with cancers and surgeries. TRT is rather new to that field in terms of case loads and cash flows.

TRT is sort of an afterthought. Drug reps help direct the focus of urologists. And the ED meds are in the same category, afterthoughts. Docs who have a personal interest in understanding TRT typically do a better job than urologists. Same issues with endocrinologists. Titles really mean very little and many are misled by what they thing these titles mean.

What can you do to help others here if you do not use the Andrologist word.


My doc doesn't consider TRT an afterthought; he practices it because it's the solution for hypogonadism and it's what he specializes in.

"What can you do to help others here if you do not use the Andrologist word?"

Share my experience and recommendations.

I haven't only recommended andrologists. I've recommended a few endrocrinologists too.