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TRT Dosing Adjustment

Im 37, with an active lifestyle and workout 3-4 times a week. When i started i weighed 215 pounds at 5’ 11” with some fat around my waistline. A few months ago i had bloodwork done and it showed that i had low T. It was around 350. I had a few of the low T symptoms lack of energy, difficulty sleeping, brain fog and i began to gain extra bodyfat even though i have a relatively clean diet. My GP was willing to let me try test C and initially set me up with a 200mg dose of test C every 2 weeks. I know this is bad routine but the GP was somewhat reluctant to give the injection so i agreed to start with this protocol. The first week i felt amazing, i cant remember the last time i felt that good! About a week later the effects started to lessen which was expected. I met with the GP again and he wanted to stay on that dose routine. It took 6 weeks before i finally convinced him to allow me to do the injections at home. For the last 2 weeks i have been injecting .25mg of 200mg/l test C subq 2x per week to help get me back on track.

Prior to injecting at home on a normal routine i started to notice that i was retaining water, losing energy, and started having mild ED issues. I am hoping that my new dosing routine will help turn things around but i am concerned because i dont feel anything like i did after the very first injection. I am trying to schedule follow up bloodwork to check for e2 levels. I am guessing that i killed my own t production with the 2 week dosing protocol but will it start to come back with the lower dose more frequent injections or should i stop for a while and let my own t levels come back up before i continue? Im looking for suggestions on anything i can do to help reverse the side effects of the bad dosing routine initially.

You should some spend some time reading this forum. A LOT of time.

Your natural T production is going to shut down no matter what when you start injecting. Doesn’t matter how frequently. The ups and downs are because of the half life of the T you’re injecting, and you’ll need more frequent injections with smaller doses to keep that in check. Any time you start TRT, or even when you change doses or injection frequency, it will take at least 6 weeks before you can tell what effect those changes have made on your body. This stuff takes time and every time anything changes, the body has to learn to readjust to those changes.

Your doctor is inept to manage your TRT protocol do to the insane dosing schedule of every 2 weeks, a study came out in 2005 showing very poor results to every man injected with 200mg every 2 weeks. Your doctor is unaware because he/she doesn’t specialize in this area of medicine, your protocol confirms it.

If you want to be working with a doctor that specializes in sex hormone therapies you will have to look at private anti-aging and sports medicine clinics because there are no doctors inside traditional medicine that specialize in sex hormone therapies. An endocrinologist or urologist will typically be useless as well.

Your blood biomarkers need to be known before a TRT protocol is designed. You’ll find vastly different protocols for everyone here, there are guys who do well injecting once weekly, twice weekly, every 2 days and some even do better on daily dosing.

You can order your own blood testing on discount labs if your doctor is unwilling to check certain biomarkers and make adjustments on your own because managed healthcare doctors will most likely be ignorant.

[A 2005 clinical study proves 200mg every 2 weeks is a failure]
Hormone profiles after intramuscular injection of 200mg testosterone enanthate every 2 weeks in patients with hypogonadism

Thanks for the responses. I have spent a fair amount of time reading this forum and a few others as well as having read the TOT bible by jay cambell to help understand some of the best approaches, theories and bio markers to pay attention to. I am hoping to keep everything legit through a doctor for a variety of reasons but mainky so that everything is covered by insurance. I have researched various endo doctors in my area and none of them were anymore help, they all had the same ideology that low t is addressed with sporadic injections as needed. I am trying to get bloodwork scheduled that mimics the trt evaluation panel offered by discount labs. If the dr wont schede a similar panel i will set something up with discountlabs to get it done on my own and post it for review.