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TRT Doses, Are These Normal?


I have been placed on 100mg/week test cyp.
.2mg ED of anastrozole
400iu HCg on days 5 and 7
and 40mg progesterone caps Every night

Does anyone have experience with Progesterone? I was told this would help me sleep and would not cause any gyno or bad effects. I would really like some advice on this...PLEASE




Anastrozole half life is better suited for EOD or 2x/week, and at 100mg test cyp/week, 1.4mg of anastrozole is too much. Refer to protocol for injections sticky for more info.. hCG half life is best suited for EOD. Days 5 and 7 is Crisler's protocol, if I remember correctly. EOD is better.

15mg of topical progesterone did not help me sleep at all. This topic deserves more discussion than my knowledge. Just helping your bump.


Read these stickies, there is way more info that you will get by this interaction. Then come back with questions.

  • advice for new guys, read very carefully, be open minded that there are causes for low T and that is in the symptom not the disease
  • protocol for injections
  • thyroid basics, many guys who come here have thyroid issues
  • do not post into the stickies


Thanks for the help. I will switch to the EOD with the HCG injections and I have already cut my anastrozole to EOD. KSman, I have read most of the stickies, but I didn't see much on progesterone at all. I haven't seen a protocol with this added or any real information about how it acts together with every thing else. I will re-read them to make sure I didn't overlook something. Thanks again for the help, as you all know, the information received from the doctor is so limited.