TRT Dose & Working Out

Have any of you experienced a need to increase your TRT dosage when your work out? If so, how do you manage it?

Do you know of any published research or clinical threads discussing this issue?

I scanned the threads to see whether someone had posted the question before, but I could not find any mentioning it.

In my experience, I feel fine on my current TRT dosage. When I work out, however, my low-T symptoms return as the frequency and intensity of my workouts increase over time. My recovery from workouts is also impaired, preventing me from working out any more than once or twice a week.

You may be finding that your body has stamina limitations other than T levels. Your “low T symptoms” may simply be something else. This leads to lab work and other med history aspects. Thyroid and adrenal/cortisol function can limit what you can do. Don’t get T-tunnel vision. Start by reading the advice for new guys sticky and consider other issues there other than low-T.

You need to find the weak link and it is probably something that more T would not fix.