TRT Dose Question

I have read as many of the posts on the subject over the past couple of weeks and I have one question that I don’t have answered yet. The TRT protocol sticky (great post BTW) reccomends 100mg test per week. My doctor has me on Androgel (working on that) 1% 5g per day. How do those 2 compare?

With transdermals one assumes that 10% is absorbed. So you are getting 5mg per day if absorbing well.

With 100mg of test cypionate or ethanate, about 70mg of testosterone is yielded after the body removes the ester groups. That is 10mg testosterone per day. This typically leads to TT=800-900.

Many consider 5gr t-gel per day to be inadequate. Most will not do very well on that.

How cold is it there?

He had me on only 2.5 mg per day and you are right that did nothing. I ordered that book and will review that. Then make an appointment with him and suggest the whole protocol.

Just got in from shoveling snow. Temp is 1 degree with 30-40 mph winds. Wind Chill would be about -25 I think. We get about 24-28 inches of snow per season, we have had 2 blizzards already with about 34 inches total. It’s going to be a long winter here. No more room to put snow.

When should the b/w be done when on Androgel? Taken before or after applicaton that day?

Apply after B/w.