TRT Dose Every 5 Days?

Gday from Australia ! Just wondering if any TRT fellas are pinning every 5 days and what the doses and levels are , currently Im running 250 test e , every 14 days ! I know this is not a great schedule but just started and want to move to lower doses and more often ! Cheers Fellas :+1:t3:

That’s 125mg per week. You would have a more stable level at 75mg twice a week.

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Dont wait on this brother. You need to pin 2X a week and split your dose accordingly. 14 days will take deplete your entire shot and put you at the bottom again.

Hey fellas , yeah I feel hyper active for like the first 3 days after my shot , than pretty good for 4, 5 days than flat as a pancake ! I’ve read heaps of guys running once or twice a week , I have my blood work a week after next shot than seeing my doc on the next move , I’m just going to tell him I want more regular lower doses

Can you talk him in to allowing you to give your own shots? syringes are dirt cheap and you could experiment with how often works best for you.

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I have to inject multiple times a week to feel consistent, my SHBG is lower so every other day is optimal for me. I would probably do even better injecting everyday.

Injecting every 5 days and your levels will be swinging, why anyone would be alright with that is beyond me. Smaller more frequent dosing also can better control hematocrit and RBC so your doctor doesn’t have to suspend TRT until levels normalize.

Frequent dosing solves a lot of symptoms men can have on TRT (high hematocrit) and any doctor doing infrequent injections needs to his head in the game.

The guidelines are hurting men, not helping them.

Thanks for the reply’s gents , I understand more frequent is the better option , but like I said I ha e only just started and protocol in Aus is to start with every 2 weeks , check the bLoods then go from there , my doctor is meant to be very clued up on HRT so my guess is he will be happy for me to go for that option problem in Aus is we don’t have ( perscription viles ) so I have to try and split a 250 preloaded syringe ! Pain in the ass ! Hopefully goes my way next week !

Couple of things. I shoot every four days, close to twice a week but I don’t have to mess around with figuring out the half day thing, morning and evening. I know it’s not that big of a deal, but E4D is easier for me.

My old doctor (old being key) told me that hormone levels peak and trough daily, and peaking and troughing weekly on a single shot per week is close enough to the normal cycle that the body gets used to it.

Old doctor.

Can you get syringes? If you can, you could try backfilling a new one with half of the preloaded one. Not the greatest solution, but a possibility.

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Should be able too I’m keen to get rolling on 4 or 5 day routine , I’ll chat with my Doc on safest way to split the preloaded needles, thanks for the responses again :+1:t3::+1:t3:

My prescribed dosage is 100mg e5d. However I inject 67mg e3.5d which is the same amount of test at the end of the day when you calculate it out. Injecting e3.5d instead of e5d, increased my T numbers and decreased my E2 numbers with no other changes. My SHBG is 31 by the way. I believe frequency of injections in relation to SHBG is the biggest factor missed by doctors prescribing TRT. It seems to be the root cause of so many TRT failure stories.

With your shbg you’d be fine e5days.

There is such a push for e3d or eod protocols on here. It’s not for everyone. It depends on where your e2 is at and your shbg. If you need more e2, injection a little less frequently and up the dose. If you need less, increase frequency and lower dose.

And remember your shbg should lower itself while on trt.

I agree. As far as I read here only one really pushes that ED/EOD.

hmcyl, IMO a 31 is a perfect SHGB.
I believe you would do good with either protocol you deside to go with.

For 2.5 years I have been on a 3 times a week protocol. My SHGB has been as high as 38 and low as 24. On the same frequency just different doses of T and HCG. I am trying Mon/Thurs at the same wkly dose. Mostly because I get tired of sticking myself so often. If twice a week works after bloods in 6 months I will probably try oncce a week.

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Thanks for the info Gents , my SHBG is currently quite high at 61 ! My doc prescribed me Danazol 100mg eod, just to dial it down before next bLoods , my E2 was at 24 when I started so I expect that has gone up now after 2 rounds of 250ml , I am going to be interested in how high my E2 is now and if my SHBG has lowered at all next weeks bLoods will tell the story !! Then me and my Doc will be adjusting my protocol but def be requesting the more frequent pinning !!

How’s you go with this? Did he advise about splitting up the per filled syringe and dosing frequency?

@smoothest_criminal G’day mate , yeah went well Doc moved me to 125ml every 5 days , lowered my Danazole to 2 100mg a week my E2 was <100 so I’m guessing in between 24 and 30 ? Next bloods I will ask for sensitive also as this seems to be important to watch , no AI ‘s at this point my SHBG dropped to 26 so that’s a much better reading , now on my 3rd round of 5 Day protocol and actually feeling a lot better more stable no flat spots at the moment

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Yeah nice one mate! That’s interesting. My doc wanted me to go e5d but I did e3d equivalent dose And now doing eod but considering just doing e5d. Don’t enjoy injecting into my muscles every 2 days, plus the crappy non sterile primoteston here makes it not ideal splitting up so much. I’m thinking of changing to e5d though. What did he say about splitting the 250mg syringe? Do you keep it in the fridge after splitting it?

@smoothest_criminal no I don’t fridge it mate , I just peel the pack open only enough to get the syringe out inject my first half and recap the syringe and put it back in the pack then reseal the pack , keeping my hands and everything clean and sterilised , obviously new needle for the second half of the shot 5 days later, this is how the Doc said to do it seems to be ok , I read a lot that test only needs to be fridged if you are in very hot conditions , not a big fan of this way but really no other choice

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@smoothest_criminal mate You said on another thread that test e and test c is available from compounding pharmacies, have you ordered or used this test from the pharmacy ?? I’m in WA and haven’t heard any info about different suppliers over here just yet ?

Yeah bro there are some compounding pharmacies that are doing it. One in melb and one in ballina I think. I’ve read on here of a guy getting cypionate in a vial, and I personally spoke to one of the compounding pharmacies and they said they can do cypionate but it was super expensive. They’re also looking into making test e but should be a few weeks away still. I’ve been using HCG from the melb compounding pharmacy for a few months and all good! They send it out to you. No idea about West Coast though sorry, but I reckon they’d send it to you from other states.

Mate that sounds awesome , test cyp is meant to be the same / similar to enanthate I would rather try that then fire up on Sustanon , Any hints on how to track down the pharmacy ? Did they say how they supply the test ?