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TRT Dosages


I've been on TRT injections for a year now and have seen a lot of improvements but also changes in dosages. Due to my employer's insurance coverage and how they send people of to referrals I'm still stuck with an endo that only prescribes Test, no anti-e's, no HCG. I'm also on T4 100 mcgs, and vitamin D 10k IUs/day.

I started out on 200mg/2weeks--The stupid ass endo refused to put the prescription at 100mg/weekly, so I just did it myself. I then showed T levels in the 400's range after 6 months. She decided to raise my levels to 300mg/2weeks which I broke up to 150mgs/week. After several months my T levels were 1100 4-5 days after a shot. I was also very smooth and soft during this time. I also had problems getting it up too. Again no estrogen monitoring or HCG. So she decided to lower back down 100 mgs and within 2 weeks I lost 15 lbs, mostly bloat. I see now what was underneath all that and it looks good. However, I've lost quite a bit of muscle and my recovery is lagging. I think the magic number is 120mg/week with anti-E's and HCG. Despite not being on HCG I havent really experienced very much shrinkage. I still shoot off like a volcano if I wait a day or so.

I will be seeing a urologist soon to re-asses my levels and potentially use a complete protocol. But I'm curious. What did you find was your optimum T-dose with Anti-E and HCG?