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TRT Dosage Math

Newbie on this site. Very nice find! After reading the stickys I’m switching up my TRT. Been on Nebido for a couple years and not happy with the peaks and valleys, I also injected IM. Wanting to switch to the SubQ injections. ok here’s my math questions. I Have plenty of 100iu insulin pins in stock and would like to use them up. Have Test Cyp 250mg. Using 100mg week protocol, How much test do I inject EOD ? Is it going to be to hard with 100iu pins to get dosage accurate j

How many ml’s is the vial?

Have 1cc amps of test cyp 250

1cc amps of test Cyp 250mg.

100mg = 100mg * 1ml/250mg = 100/25 ml = 3.5 doses x DOSE

DOSE = (100/250 ml) / 3.5 = .114 ml

Time to load a dose is same for 0.5 or 1.0 for the same needle. However, the smaller syringe piston area will develop higher injection pressures and shorter injection times.

You may want to load all of the 1ml into the syringe, inject the amount required, swap the needle with an alcohol prep pad, then recap. The above dose will yield 8.75 injections per ml. You should dose for 8 or 9 injections per ml for a whole number. Later when you get 0.5 ml syringes, you would be looking at 8 injections per ml, 4 injections per 0.5 ml syringe.

Thanks KSman!

Question if you got time KSMan, Been on trt for 2+ years with seems good results. Havent had blood test for awhile tho. Question would you recommend me adding the hcg protocol ? I’m sure Im completely shut down. Is it to late to use hcg? Will there be added health benifets from adding hcg at this point.

Only one way to find out. Yes, might be too late.

My last couple question I couldn’t find in the sticky. On the eod protocol of 100mg. Is that just split up to 25mg eod? Sorry wanna make sure only find mg details on twice a week injections. Of course blood tests will be only way of knowing but curious, If hcg is not used in my trt protocol is an AI still needed? Lastly you say SQ injections best in front of thigh correct? Not much fat on that part of my body. Mostly skin. Still ok to inject there or better in another spot? Thanks so much for all the help, much appreciated!

That area on the leg, or belly. Same as per insulin injections.

Not much fat:

  • mark area to inject with a tube or pen cap
  • swap that location with alcohol prep pad
  • pinch and slightly lift the injection site skin
  • insert needle from an angle into the fold of skin, from one end
  • needle will be near parallel to the surface of your leg
  • needle will not be near muscle
  • inject
  • remove needle
  • press on injection site for 10-15 seconds to prevent bleeds
  • if you hit a vein, that can create pain that is non location specific

EOD dose is 2/7ths of weekly dose.

Need for AI and need for hCG are independent of each other.

This is probably a dumb question but is 100mg the same as 100ml when talking about test cyp? Or is it always different per bottle/brand?

Mg is Strength of drug
ML is unit of measurement

T is often 200mg/ml or 100mg/ml, obvious effects in the volume needed to be injected. That is why we want guys to talk mg’s for doses.

100ml is 1/10th of a liter.

With an insulin syringe, the markings are iu’s for insulin. There are 100iu’s per ml, so a 100iu insulin syringe would be 1.0 ml.

Im kind of confused and heres why the place I go for T injections explained it like this… When I asked the nurse how much I was getting she said 100mg After my retest the other day the doc said he was going to increase my dose to 110 ML So my asumption is that for this brand of Test Cyp its 100/100 ML/MG is that a correct asumption? Also on a side note my on my retest I went from T at 180 to now 484 with a free T of 11.8 I was pleased with the increase but he recomend a small bump… Free T of 15 is the goal right?

I will let KSman answer that one. I have a question I’m real curious about That KSman might be able to help me understand. I know it might be off topic here. Has a possible tested athlete/fighter. I’m on my own TRT. Not doctor prescribed. I understand that we would fail a urine test if our T/E ratio is over 4:1.

Can you enlighten me on what T:E ratio is and if it can be figured out via blood test? My understanding is some people on TRT might still be under the 4:1 and some might be over.