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TRT: Doctors Live in Fear


I got a PM asking:

Is there any possible way that we here at T-Nation can form some
kind of directory to help members in their quest to find a decent doctor?

I have been thinking about this and related issues. So I have pasted in my PM response here, plus more, for others to post their thinking.

I have discussed this at length with a TRT doc and have read some state medical board actions against some doctors.


If I list doctors that are far from your location, then this will not be of use to you.

Doctors who are doing this are getting black balled by jealous endos and urologists [perceiving business competition] who get the [republican] steroid phobic state medical boards to beat them up. They already have major medical insurance companies beating them up [they do not want to pay for preventive medicine or a steroid mill] and the doctors drop association with those companies.

Doctors read about DEA/FDA busts of doctors and pharmacies; and live in fear. Doctors often do not advertise such services at all and also do not list on A4M . They fear that advertising will bring in trolls, juicers and drug seeking personalities that will put them at risk.

This topic will be a chapter in my book if I take the leap and start writing that instead of doing things piecemeal here.

I think that doctors list on places like A4M, then later as they start to understand the 'darkside' of things want to be invisible.

A list of doctors on this site would also be a shopping list for abuse by the DEA, FDA, state medical boards and other [republican*] idiots. Google searches could find "doctor referral lists testosterone replacement therapy TRT injections"

Not all republicans are idiots, but the political forces behind the testosterone witch hunts are characteristically republican.

There is a freedom of speech issue. There are things that doctors cannot say or post. But we can talk about these things as we do not have a medical practice at risk. Doctors are probably wanting to be able to openly talk about these things.

Perhaps only 'we' can get these issues out for discussion. The situation is similar to Russia, China and other counties where any opposition to the official dogma, written or often not written, ends up with death or "re-education". In those locations, when one hears about opposition leaders getting murdered, there is invisible writing on the wall that creates the needed understanding [fear] of what can live or die for.

In the USA, there are thugs that force behavior changes and enough prosecutions and raids occur, with lots of media coverage, to make people live in fear. Living in fear is not what this country is all about ..... I guess that that is not true anymore.

Finding a TRT Doc
Long Term T and Pec Tear

It isn't just doctors that live in fear of this situation.

Due to a few bad experiences, I no longer discuss any of these issues with anyone in "real life."


you sure hit it right on the head.but are dems any better?


Perhaps we will find out, but they will not reverse legislation as that would be 'liberals been soft on drugs/steroids'. Oddly, a Republican governor in California will be strangely silent about the issue.


Can you point to specific legislation and/or politicians who have sponored such bills that are a threat to TRT?


Can you point to specific legislation and/or politicians who have sponored such bills that are a threat to TRT?


It occurs to me (am I wrong) that there are not laws against such but that there are institutional pressures against doing such and, of course, the force of dogma.

We live in a very strange time. Coercion does not usually come knocking on your door with a big club with which to thrash you. Coercion comes in the form of the electronic media and institutional pressure. Look at our politicians.

Instead of spending most of their time, deepening their intellectual understanding of issues and developing points to debate around those, they look for cheap ad hominem weaknesses in their adversaries, which the know will come off as ultra-dramatic when it is repeated 10,000 time per day on CNN. The Reverend Wright issue is the one presently being bantered about on our airwaves.

If you think Orwell's 1984 never appeared, just look around you and listen to people (or tape record yourself). There are few individuals left and most people talk with language and thoughts they learned from a corporate seminar, a television sit-com or a commerical.
I MAY be exaggerating a little bit...but only a little bit.


I don't know who sponsored the bill, but it was the Anabolic Steroids Control Act of 1990 that made testosterone a Schedule III controlled substance and opened the door for doctors to be prosecuted as drug dealers.

This pretty much forces them to go by the published protocols put out by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists which are a good ten years behind current research.

While the DEA implications are huge, we also have to blame our litigious society. One of the doctors I spoke with told me straight out that the reason he wouldn't prescribe an AI was because it wasn't part of the established protocol and doing so would open him to a malpractice suit even though he personally felt it was probably the right thing to do.


As more people become aware of the benifits of hrt,especially one politacialy(sp) connected. things should change. then again it just might be wishful thinking.


There is?was a bill to make DHEA a schedule III controlled drug, because it makes more T if you take it [wrong] and its is an anabolic steroid [lies]. And it is a danger to children. There are those that want to make a lot of supplements illegal or to kill them off with requiring DFA type clinical trials and approval processed.

There are drug companies trying to remove access to supplements. Find out about those things and you will find the politicians who are responsible.


There is a chain of doctors specializing in hrt -- and they are milking it for every possible dollar. Initial intake is over two grand.

A cheaper group is http://www.allthingsmale.com/publications.html



Hmm, I'm looking for a cheap one in Dallas.

But that is what I found in a quick search.

I'm still looking for someone in Dallas who won't charge me an arm and a leg as a gatekeeper.

But they are out there, and growing as a niche.


it was orin hatcher that refused to let them make dhea, a schedule 3 drug. if i remember correctly, it's made in his district. also said if mention was even in the rough bill,it was a no deal. hard to believe he's a republican.


You nailed it. It's the money. Politicians in general could care less about most issues, including testosterone. I have a friend who is a state senator and he told me two things most politicians are concerned about: CYA and money.

I think the legal status of TRT rests not in the desires of Congress, but more likely in the bottom line of Big Pharma.


Its funny you bring this up KSman. My doc is the type that will take your blood, then give you a shot of test and call you with your numbers later to start a program.

Today he says 'I need to have your test results before we can start anything'. According to him the feds or whomever have been around checking his, and any Doc's records in town that give TRT.

You know, I watch on TV where people are killed, raped, They can't afford friggin Gas any longer etc. But we have our government sticking their friggin noses into what we TAX PAYING ADULTS choose to stick in our bodies. Go figure.


Really hesitant to even post of this thread cause I'm really out of my element here. I can't help but remember when the wrestler killed his wife and child all you heard for weeks on the news were about his test levels and his use of HGH and steriods. Every news station was knocking on his doctors door day and night. May have scared off some of them and with the witch hunts over steriods congress is conducting I think everyone is running scared.


Hel320 you are talking about Chris Benoit. Funny thing is after the Georgia authorities made such a big deal out of it and his doc, the reality is he had some mental issues that stemmed from all the brain damage he took in the ring.

The Autopsy showed he had the same 'dead spots' in his brain that a few wrestlers and other athletes had who had killed them selfs.

The other thing is they claimed Roid Rage. Apperantly none of these cops know what roid rage really is or they wouldn't have claimed that.


2 things --

-- I am less cynical, I believe that many politicians do care about issues. Nor do I believe that there is 'no difference' between politician or between the parties. (but that I guess is a statement for the hellhole known as 'Politics and World Issues.'

However I do have some cynicism about the testosterone issue. There are some politicians/parties who feel that the best way to get votes is to focus on hot button issues. Usually by misrepresenting the facts, building up fears and scaring voters into voting for them.

-- Big Pharma? Have you priced Androgel, Testim, Striant recently? Big Pharma probably is really interested in TRT.


Now here is something a little weird.

I remembered a website sponsored by Men's Health Initiative with information on Low Testosterone. First put up in 2004. The idea was to make men aware of the symptoms and go get tested if it made sense to do so.

The site had a form where you could enter your zip code and it would spit back doctors in your area.

So I thought, well this might be a start for guys looking for a doctor.

So I went to the site, went to the "Find a Doctor" page.

The form is GONE.

It now simply says "coming soon."

Maybe they are just updating it. At least I hope so.

Here's the site:



wanna bet there's another reason for that!


Doctors now trying to keep a low profile?